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  1. transportguide

    73A Photography

    I am pleased to announce the launch of my new website at which is being continuously updated. It works on all devices, but is optimised for computers. I hope you enjoy it, and would appreciate any tips, feedback and suggestions.
  2. transportguide

    'north' station for spotting

    Hi all, where's a good station/ area in the north of which there is lots of different traction and/or freight easily accessible from London? Am open to any suggestions and to me, the North is anyone north of Watford ;)
  3. transportguide

    Work Experience

    Hello, I am in Year 10 in the SE/ London area and am seeking to do work experience with any TOC at the start of July. Could someone please let me know what companies pffer work experience, what sort of experiences are available and how I can apply. Cheers, Fraser.