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  1. Paul.Rosser

    142071 diagrams

    Information please concerning 142071 where and which diagrams is this particular unit operating today as it is my last 142 for haulage ridage hope it's out on the MANCHESTER Piccadilly to Rose Hill Marple route or towards New Mills Central cheers all Paul
  2. Paul.Rosser

    Spotting at main line stations

    Good morning all this is a curious post are all enthusiasts welcome at main line railway stations to do their usual things without being pulled up by platform staff or the British transport police as I may go to Doncaster this Wednesday for a couple of hours or so so can anyone say if we can...
  3. Paul.Rosser

    Abandoned Station on WCML between Wolverton and Roade

    On the WCML there seems to be a abandoned station between Wolverton and Roade Junction does anyone know which station this was
  4. Paul.Rosser

    70014 Bredbury RTS to Runcorn Foley Lane 6/2/20

    Seen Departing Woodley 70014 on the regular Bredbury RTS to Runcorn Foley Lane on 6/2/20 at 0930 this diagram normally is a Freightliner 66 is this a one of or will the 70s take over the 66s in this working cheers Paul
  5. Paul.Rosser

    Class 710 ops Watford Junction to London Euston service

    Morning all a query the London Overground Class 710 ops on the Watford Junction to London Euston service plan are there any dedicated diagrams for Saturday service I am aware that the 710s have started on the route how many are 378s how many are 710s which are the 710s of London Euston cheers...
  6. Paul.Rosser

    TPE 397s Longsight 1530 09/11/19

    Has anyone the identities of at least 2 TPE class 397 units which were stabled at 1530 on 09/11/19 thank you Paul
  7. Paul.Rosser

    Northern class 195/331 Edge Hill 1335 09/11/19

    Good afternoon all I am after the identities of several Northern 195/331s at Edge Hill at 1335 09/11/19 also possibly a TP IEP unit was present but unreadable can anybody help thank you Paul
  8. Paul.Rosser

    331 and 195,Northern Edge Hill 09 11 19 at 1335

    Afternoon all would anyone have the identities of several 195 and 331 of Northern which were stabled at Edge Hill on 09 11 19,at 1335 also I think a TP IEP train was visible so anyone got the ones viable from the WCML line as I was on a train heading south but couldn't read any of the mentioned...
  9. Paul.Rosser

    SVR Diesel Gala 2018

    Dear all long shot I visited SVR on 19/05/18 there was an industrial shunter loco doing break van rides I didn't take a photo or log the loco down has anyone got the I'd of this particular loco thank you Paul
  10. Paul.Rosser

    Track machines at Guide Bridge 1500 on 03/10/19

    Good afternoon all long shot here would anyone know the identities of several Track Machines which were stabled at Guide Bridge at 1500 on 03/10/19 Thank you Paul
  11. Paul.Rosser

    331s or 195s Edge Hill 1025 03/10/19

    Morning all post number 2 likewise has anyone got the several 331s and 195s that were stabled at Edge Hill at 1025 on 03/10/19 thank you Paul
  12. Paul.Rosser

    331 or 195s Allerton at 1020 03/10/19

    Dear all has anyone got the identities of several 331s or 195s stabled at Allerton at 1020 on 03/19/19 I managed 331002/004/006 couldn't read the others cheers all Paul
  13. Paul.Rosser

    Class 230 status workings

    Morning all has anyone got any information on the class 230s that run between Bletchley and Bedford . I tried to catch one in July but was operated by a class 153 unit have they still got one diagram still or any more added I know they were or are sporadic on certain diagrams mix of 230 or 153...
  14. Paul.Rosser

    Pair of TPE 397s stabled at 0630 South end of Crewe Station 03/09/19

    Afternoon all I am after the identities of the 2 TPE class 397 units stabled Sourh End of Crewe Station at 0630 they were beyond the carriage sheds on 03/09/19
  15. Paul.Rosser

    Nuneaton to Leamington Spa service 0715

    Morning all a unusual query the 0715 Monday to Friday service Nuneaton to Leamington Spa on Real Time Trains shows a 100mph DMU normally class 153 did the route maximum speed 75 mph unless this a oversight maybe class 170 now does the route can anyone clear up a discrepancy
  16. Paul.Rosser

    TPE 68 Diagrams

    Hello all I am a new member has anyone got a current status of the TPE 68 Diagrams thank you all Paul
  17. Paul.Rosser

    TPE Nova 3 (Class 68 + Mk5s) Diagrams (no images please)

    Dear all I am a new member and possibly missed previous postings I have been into railways since 1974 my query is has anyone got a current TPE 68 service diagrams the ones published in a rail magazine may have changed thank you once again Paul