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    GCR Autumn Gala 1st - 4th October 2020

    This is on the GCR website:- Autumn Steam Gala – Thurs 1st to Sun 4th October 2020 Our Autumn Steam Gala takes place from 1st to 4th October 2020, with a busy passenger service on Thursday, stepping up a gear on Friday with the addition of freight trains, and on Saturday and Sunday a very...
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    From Russia with Love....... Film and train scenes

    In the light of the "39 Steps" thread, there was a recent showing of this early James Bond film with Sean Connery. The mixture of trains used for the Orient Express were quite amazing!
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    GCR Goods Galore March 28/29th

    Needless to say we are looking forward to this! Goods Galore Gala – 28th and 29th March 2020 Our goods-themed showcase of how Britain's railways moved goods around the country, becoming a lifeline to towns and villages ahead of the age of mass road transportation. Goods Galore takes place...
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    GCR Autumn Steam Gala Oct 3rd - 6th

    I was able to attend this on Sunday afternoon and have been reflecting. I was there from 2.30 until 5.45 and travelled on three different trains hauled by Repton and the T9, the Standard 5, a Jinty and the T9 by itself. I saw the van train hauled by a 9F, the Windcutter train hauled by an 8F and...
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    GCR Goods Galore Gala May 11th/12th

    As per last year, the GC is running a gala aimed very much at the enthusiast as well as the general public. There are 7 steam locomotive plus two diesels scheduled. 5 different freight trains plus a passenger carrying parcels addition to the regular passenger trains, will make for an...
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    "New Build" - Steam and Heritage Diesel

    There is considerable interest in "New Build", both steam and heritage diesel and so it would seem sensible to try a dedicated "New Build" thread. From a brief look at websites, there appear to be at least 22 steam projects and at least 1 diesel (10,000) project. Of those there are 5 which...
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    B17 New Builds

    As some on here will know, there are two "New build" B17 projects. One, "Spirit of Sandringham" is steadily advancing with mainframes erected and many castings machined. The other "Manchester United" appears to have been a non functional pastiche designed to capitalise on the Man U football...
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    NBL Build plate

    My Father in Law bought a railway brass plate many years ago. It is a (trapezoidal?) or Diamond shape, "North British Locomotive", number 26094, dated 1947. I have tried to find what locomotive it could have been from as it is a number close to the preserved B1 "Mayflower" I believe.
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    Channel 4 Carriage Restoration

    I watched the program last night and thought it did quite a good job of explaining the complexities of restoring a Gresley wooden bodied coach - three more episodes to follow with different coaches.
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    GCR Goods Galore Weekend May 12/13th

    It should be a weekend with a difference at the GC - there will be 6 different goods trains in operation and the welcome return to traffic of the Standard 5 - 73156. This has had its wheels out and rods/pins re-machined, following the overheating problems last year when it was initially run.
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    Steam Preservation - the future?

    I saw this posted on another thread and thought it deserved a new thread...Baxenden Bank said... "I'm not a follower of the preserved scene, but there seems to be a fair amount of chatter on this forum about the difficulties attracting passengers, raising money for extensions / major repairs and...
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    BiMode Hydrogen power?

    As BiModes are going to be used on the MML instead of more electrification, Mr Grayling has been saying that they are a good option and, in the future, will be even better using Hydrogen power - which he expects to start taking place possibly within 10 -12 years. How realistic is this and what...
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    Steam Locomotive Economics in Preservation

    I am very aware that steam locomotives are expensive to run and restore but I wondered, now that the market is "mature", is it possible that the income generated from hiring fees/ charters etc on preserved lines, is sufficient to cover those costs or will locomotives always need extra income? I...
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    Market Harborough Station Upgrade

    This project has been referred to in the MML Electrification thread, but, as that is now halted, this station project might have got lost also - so a new "stand alone" thread would seem sensible. I live in Harborough so will update on a fairly regular basis if that is what is wanted? Work...
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    Wheel "quartering"

    On steam locomotives, with coupled driving wheels, the crank pins are arranged at 90 degrees side to side - "Quartering" so that the power strokes are evenly spaced (and the coupling rods do not bind?) with two or four cylinders. I am not sure what happens with three cylinder engines and...
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    Rail Joints

    Whilst travelling in a DMU along the GCR it was very obvious that the rails "dipped" at every bolted rail joint. I wondered why they didn't place a sleeper under the joints with a flat chair, just to support the ends of the rail where the fishplates are bolted? It seems such an obvious...
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    Mountsorrel Railway

    Yesterday I had a ride on a DMU along the new GCR Branch Line - the Mountsorrel Railway. Despite being just over a mile long, there are two stations, a large cafe with an adjoining museum section and the beginnings of a quarry museum section with sidings, a large shed and three restored local...
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    GCR Bridge Project

    As a very new member on here, I hope this is not too presumptuous....However I have been a very long time member of the GCR (- in fact member #8 of the MLPG) and am really pleased that the original dreams are coming true with the building of the bridge(s) and embankment to rejoin the two...