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  1. ohgoditsjames

    68019 diesel fumes/emissions?

    At Leeds and TPE 68019 pulls into platform 15, first thing I noticed was the amount of fumes it was kicking out, it was creating a haze and covering those passing by with what felt like a thick cloud of fumes, the smell was overpowering and it was difficult to breathe without inhaling it...
  2. ohgoditsjames

    11:11 Leeds to Plymouth XC HST

    On my way back to Sheffield via the Friday 11:11 Leeds to Plymouth HST but it now has 6 carriages instead of the usual 7, any idea why?
  3. ohgoditsjames

    Do diesel fumes/particulates impact the performance of the Overhead lines?

    I'm quite an observational person and when stood in a station such as Leeds or York that see a mixture of Electric and Diesel units, I've noticed the overhead lines are covered in a black tar like substance that clearly accumulates from the diesel fumes and this is apparent as it's not present...
  4. ohgoditsjames

    XC 11:11 Leeds to Plymouth

    The 11:11 XC Leeds to Plymouth service is usually a HST however today a 4 car Voyager turned up, any idea why it changed today?
  5. ohgoditsjames

    Why no new stock for the Southern TPE route?

    Not sure if this is really worth a new thread or not however it’s cropped up a few times recently on other threads. Why is it that every TPE route are seeing new stock with the 397’s, 802’s and the 68’s but down here we’re stuck with the 185’s and aren’t receiving any new stock?. The 185’s are...
  6. ohgoditsjames

    Airedale line regulation question (08/11)

    18.42 Leeds to Bradford Forster square is delayed by 27 minutes however the 18.56 Leeds to Skipton service is able to leave on time. Surely in this case the 18.56 Leeds to Skipton train that’s ready to leave and doesn’t make any stops until Shipley should leave first because the train that’s 27...
  7. ohgoditsjames

    Airedale Line/Wharfedale Line OHL issues?

    Travelling from Leeds to Shipley on the 18.41 Leeds to Bradford Forster Square, I get off at Shipley and there’s an announcement made that the later services to Bradford Forster Square are cancelled or delayed “due to damage to the overhead electric wires”. Where were the issues? I assume...