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  1. Lewlew

    Alcohol spray stops Oxford United's coach, due to detection of alcohol consumption

    Different companies had different practices. When I was doing NX work I was issued with disposable one time only mouth pieces although we would often just keep the same one in our pocket for the whole day.
  2. Lewlew

    TfL Social Media cutbacks?

    As someone that works on the Bakerloo I can tell you that the twitter was very often late in reporting or giving out wrong information.
  3. Lewlew

    Why is Temple Shut?

    If @greyman42 can let me know the rough time then I can check but nothing interesting on the logs that I can see.
  4. Lewlew

    Why is Temple Shut?

    Temple is currently open Mon-Fri 7am to 7pm. There are still lots of stations closed or open for reduced hours due to Covid (reduced availability of staff). More and more are opening each week or going back to full hours. Check the list out here...
  5. Lewlew

    Bakerloo line: an embarrassment to London?

    Wheelchair spaces are going in the 45 car, a trailer car so no transverse seats will be lost.
  6. Lewlew

    Will the Waterloo & City line ever reopen?

    It came for a visit to Stonebridge Park depot on its last outing
  7. Lewlew

    Will the Waterloo & City line ever reopen?

    The drivers are already Central line drivers based at Leytonstone. I believe they've been going down and running empty trains to keep their license
  8. Lewlew

    Train Sim World 2

    They've mentioned that the passenger AI is something they want to work on. All the previous versions have had passengers on trains that are supposed to be empty.
  9. Lewlew

    Signal boxes called "cabins". Was this just an L&Y habit?

    Signal cabins are still very much in use on the London Underground
  10. Lewlew

    Class 158 seating

    Whilst SWR do still have the original seats, the "refreshed" trains with blue seat covers have a much much firmer seat base than the originals. Not sure if they will soften up over time but I prefer the unrefreshed versions.
  11. Lewlew

    Don Coffey cab rides removed

    Interesting! I watched some of his videos these past few days. There are still a few available. There is another channel that I've been watching that has a mixture of different routes...
  12. Lewlew

    Train Sim World 2

    What issues are you having attempting to play TSW2020? Try and turn the graphics settings down, it won't look as good as it could but should still run
  13. Lewlew

    TFL training or Training within the Industry

    You can but not for the first 6 months as you would be on probation.
  14. Lewlew

    St Albans to Isle of Wight

    I never did that, I got on fine.
  15. Lewlew

    St Albans to Isle of Wight

    Seems as though there is engineering work on the Sunday so no Island line, there are taxis running to the Pier Head but it'll be quicker to get the Hovercraft so it won't ever suggest the Cats
  16. Lewlew

    St Albans to Isle of Wight

    The Fastcats from Portsmouth to Ryde are only running every 2 hours, that's why it keeps suggesting the Hovercraft. There are itineraries available for the fastcat but are rare. The Hovercraft is good fun, the rail ticket is available on the bus to Southsea (every 20 mins or so taking 10 mins...
  17. Lewlew

    London Underground stock requests

    3238 is the one unit with LED saloon lights. 3299 has LED headlights (has done for a while now)
  18. Lewlew

    Gangway doors locked open

    I believe it's do with Covid and having fewer touch points. (Potentially less for the cleaners to do in the short turnaround times? Not saying they don't do a great job as they definitely do). Same with first class being declassified, to allow more room for social distancing.
  19. Lewlew

    Train Sim World 2

    I watched it too and like you had my expectations a little higher than what they've produced. Ignore the floating people though as they mentioned that will be sorted. Those tunnels were way too dark, you can see a lot more than what they showed. The headlights aren't the best on those trains...
  20. Lewlew

    Female Train Drivers

    The first female driver on the London Underground qualified in 1978