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    Tyne and Wear Metro

    so where are the metros being placed overnight during the works? back at the depot or pelaw sidings etc...
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    Grand Central 5th path

    would it be possible to adjust the freight train timings in order accomodate the GC to sunderland
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    Grand Central 5th path

    Can anyone help me - I'm currently doing some investigation work into the reason why the fifth train service is not extended to Sunderland - From what I can find, a journey from Hartlepool to Sunderland would take 40 minutes - Is this because of a freight train - and if it is what exactly is it...
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    T&W Metro expansion?

    there was a big feasable costing commissioned by nexus i think with regards to the leamside line, i found it on google by accident once... it was very interesting read!
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    Tyne & Wear Metro v. Tyne Rail

    i dont think there would be a demand for late services in sunderland tbh... but an hourly train from newcastle to sunderland would be beneficial i suppose... . (cheaper than the £25 taxi)
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    Carlisle Platform 4 - What Happened?

    I'm intrigued too
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    2 minutes silence today

    I always remember being on a bus in Sunderland and the driver pulled over in between stops, turned the engine off stepped out of the cab (standing room only on the bus by the way) asked the whole bus to stand up for 2 minutes silence then at the end said a short prayer and thanked everyone for...
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    Text 60006 to report a fare dodger.

    t Does this mean you can sit there with a standard ticket?
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    question my MP

    I can confirm i do live in Sunderland
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    The cost of a railway carriage

    Will it be mortgagable? I know prefab homes ain't ...
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    Theresa Villiers says Northern Hub to only go ahead in part

    Anyone writing to their MP? If so could i have a copy and i will send it to my MP too!!
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    question my MP

    Hi guys Just a random thought and question. Im in the mood of writing to my MP. Anyone got any ideas what to write about (I live in NE btw) or even a petition or template that you would like me to highlight to my MP
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    TV programme on the M25

    Always wondered what Sally looked like!
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    nuclear trains

    Oh thanks I'll keep an eye out for it... Is going to stellafield or do u not know?
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    nuclear trains

    Random question guys.... Does the nuclear train still go through Sunderland station?
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    Unique railway stations

    I know Sunderland station has been mentioned before but it really is unique after all the station had a £7m or £9m overhaul making platforms bigger etc and yet they still couldn't afford to build a toilet for it's passengers (there is literatly no public toilets in Sunderland available after...
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    DB to buy Grand Central

    I agree with @omgitsdave it is suprising how many people do board at eaglescliffe and Hartlepool I believe that if a journey to edinbrough and Glasgow was introduced even 2 a day it would create greater demand You will be surprised at how many Sunderland people have to travel or do travel to...
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    DB to buy Grand Central

    Why would be ambitious would be instead of the capital Sunderland to glasgow via edinbrough
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    Pacer and Sprinter replacement

    Never mind sending them coaches south how about the Middlesbrough- Sunderland-Newcastle-Hexham-Carlisle getting a look in on an upgrade
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    Pendolinos give smoothes ride at 125mph and what is smoothest line for ride at 125mph

    Never mind a pacer try the tyne and wear metro then the pacer becomes gods gift!