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    Cross Country get three-year extension

    3 car XC 170 has 9 first/193 std= 202 seats 4 car XC voyager has 26 first/174 std = 200 seats
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    Was the Sleaford avoiding line ever closed ?

    I've not checked for this year but the last few years during November weekend ECML services have been diverted via it.
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    Was the Sleaford avoiding line ever closed ?

    In the book Lincolnshire's Lost Railways it also states that the Sleaford avoiding line was due to close at the same time as the March-Spalding. Ive never read or heard it elsewhere though. The northbound avoiding line fell into disuse in the late 1980's (I think) after minor repairs were...
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    Does anyone else here not own a microwave

    Still got the Sainsbury's basic one I bought in 1990. The white plastic has turned yellow but it still works ok on the rare occasions I use it.
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    Orient express VSOE tv programme - repeated 4 Oct 2020

    I travelled on the Orient Express from London to Berlin last year. I'd recommend the trip to anyone. In both the British Pullman from Victoria, and the VSOE from Calais, the staff were exemplary, the food was amazing, the general ambience and the atmosphere on board were top class. Some of the...
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    LNER 2x5 Car

    Unless it has been altered, it was originally... 26/30 9 car electric 10/13 9 car bimode 10/12 5 car electric 8/10 5 car bimode
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    2020 US Presidential Election

    If anyone is thinking of watching the "highlights" of the first debate, there aren't many. Totally underwhelming. A uncharacteristic low key performance by Trump, and Biden managed to get through it without any major gaffs. I doubt it will have swayed anybody to change their mind about either...
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    Celebrities you have met and admired and celebrities that you wish you hadn't met

    Met 100's of celebrities during my years doing security in the late 1990's and early 2000's. From the Spice Girls through to Kylie, Marty Wilde through to Neil Diamond, most of cast of EastEnders/Corrie etc, most of the Gladiators, and a good number of footballers. Not so many film stars though...
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    Ruth Bader Ginsburg passes away aged 87

    Amy Coney Barret
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    Companies you don't like to buy from, and why

    Any Virgin company. Despise the man and the brand.
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    Trivia: Abandoned railway lines that have been turned into cycle/footpaths

    Assume they've been mentioned up thread but near to me... Brampton Valley Way, former Northampton to Market Harborough line. Water Rail Way, except for the central section, the former Lincoln to Boston Line. St Ives Guided Busway, former Cambridge to St Ives line. North from Kings Lynn towards...
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    Skegness HST 2020

    For the first couple of years (2009/10?) it did 2 return trips. 2nd on was (from memory) 1420 from Notts and 1705 from Skeggy. This was before the track upgrades and it was 30 mph all the way from Boston to Skegness and return. Think it changed when EMT got the four extra 156s from Northern and...
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    Ely - Peterborough Closure (Manea bridge repairs)

    There's also a March to Kings Dyke possession with 8 worksites in it.
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    Cyclists - your experiences on the road

    I cycle quite a bit (935 mile in May being my best month) and rarely have any problems. Plenty of quite roads to cycle around here (south Lincolnshire/northwest Cambridgeshire/north east Northamptonshire). The cycle routes around here tend to be decent but could do with vegetation being cutback...
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    Ely - Peterborough Closure (Manea bridge repairs)

    There are 10 engineering trains to/from Whitemoor booked through the possession this weekend. Up trains have to reverse across the crossover at Manea and travel wrong line through to Ely. From entering the possession at Stonea to leaving it at Ely west Jct was taking around 2hr45min for each...
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    Ely - Peterborough Closure (Manea bridge repairs)

    It hasn't entirely gone to plan today. Delays to engineering trains passing through the possession and one engineering train delayed over 3 hours.
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    ECML Wires Down 02.09.20

    As there are only 10 diagrams for the 9 Car bimodes (currently 9 due to repairs to the set damaged at Neville Hill last year) and just 8 diagrams for the 5 car bimodes there is simply not enough to do all the Aberdeen/Inverness /Lincoln and Harrogate services with just the bimodes. For those...
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    Disused lines with cycle paths

    The Water Rail Way between Lincoln and Boston. Except for the middle section, is along the former railway line following the river Witham. It's a 65 mile round trip but a lovely ride. Further afield, I've been recommended (but not yet done) the Great Allegheny Passage, Pittsburgh to Cumberland...
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    EMR Class 170's

    Origin plan was for 11 x 3 car and 33 x 2 car, 99 carriages in total. May change depending on 171 cascade though. 5 x 3 car ex Scotrail, 23 x 2 car ex WMR, 6 x 3 car ex Southern, 10 x 2 car ex Southern.
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    Middlesbrough to Kings Cross Direct Service Planned for 2020

    1730 Kings Cross - Edinburgh does it every weekday (pre coronavirus timetable).