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  1. Fisherman80

    Northern Rail timetables from the 14th of September 2020 until the 12th of December 2020

    Northern have released timetables on their website from the above date. While im pleasantly surprised about the amount of trains running,im a little concerned about some routes......Skipton-Lancaster in particular.
  2. Fisherman80

    Advice needed for missing my last train.

    Hi everyone,just need a bit of advice. On Friday the 28th February,I did a return journey from Bradford to Whitehaven using a Northern Complimentary ticket. Because of delays to my original plans,I decided to get the 1613 Lancaster to Carlisle via the Cumbrian coast,which should have got me...
  3. Fisherman80

    Bradford to Whitby Northern only trains.

    Hi everyone, Have received 2 free tickets from Northern as part of my delay repay claim. They are return tickets from any Northern station to another using Northern rail services only. My question is this. Could I in theory travel from Bradford to Whitby via Carlisle and Newcastle? If there...