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  1. AntoniC

    Draughtiest stations?

    Hall Road on the Southport to Liverpool line.
  2. AntoniC

    Podcast: Signals to Danger - Railway disasters in the UK

    Great Series ! I have listened to the first 3 episodes on Spotify and I am hooked !. I love your voice and style of writing and the episodes I have listened are really interesting !. More please !
  3. AntoniC

    North East Rover Bash 04/09/20 to 06/09/20

    I have just returned from said bash with @Polarbear . We had a leisurely drive from Southport to Seaburn via Whitby where we went to the Quayside Restaurant for a fish chips and mushy peas lunch and the meal was divine. We then drove up the coast to Seaburn to our hotel for the weekend The...
  4. AntoniC

    Do you have a railcard?

    None, I dont fall into any of the categories (yet).
  5. AntoniC

    Accommodation suggestions and reviews

    Allegedly, that`s round the corner from a where an ex Everton & Manchester Utd and current Derby County player, paid for some adult services ...
  6. AntoniC

    Court Hearing

    No, Its National Insurance Number (NINO) or 10 digit Unique Tax Reference number (UTR) for Self Assessment cases.
  7. AntoniC

    Court Hearing

    Really ??? Perverting the Course of Justice IS a serious crime and CAN lead to a prison sentence if convicted See R v Chris Huhne and Vicky Price - both jailed for 8 months for lying about a speeding ticket Source : The Guardian
  8. AntoniC

    Boris Johnson's address to the nation - Friday 17th July 11am

    As a Civil Servant , I have been told that there will be no changes to me working from home (for the time being) as there won`t be sufficient space in the office to socially distance.
  9. AntoniC

    Under 25s most likely to be impacted economically

    I work for HMRC (nearly 32 years and counting ..) and have been involved in providing telephone support to both the Job Retention Scheme (JRS) and the Self Employed Income Support Scheme (SEISS) and listening to both the employers who claimed on the JRS scheme and the self employed who have...
  10. AntoniC

    Working from home for the indefinite future ...

    Working from home for the indefinite future ...
  11. AntoniC

    The value of being paid to do what you enjoy

    I agree with Yorkie. In my case I have been a Civil Servant for 30 + years and have chosen never to be promoted. I get enjoyment out of the people I work with, not the job I do. At the end of my career I will get a decent occupational pension , and due to my longtime service I can still retire...
  12. AntoniC

    Season ticket refund

    They wont give you a refund but if you send it to their head office they will hold it and it until needed again and extend the vaildity - see below Hi Antoni, you can send your ticket into our head office at Mann Island to be placed on hold. We will use today's date as the 1st date of surrender...
  13. AntoniC

    Covid-19 (Coronavirus) Support/advice

    Its a Northern expression for an alley
  14. AntoniC

    Covid-19 (Coronavirus) Support/advice

    I was sent home last week as I am high risk. At least I can work from home Tues - Fri. To keep myself amused I am watching loads of stuff on youtube (Mighty Jingles/Drachinfel/Wolfpack345/Lullujo) and playing loads of a game called World Of Warships on Steam. Oh, and reading + posting here !
  15. AntoniC

    If you were forced to self isolate...

    Use my dads log in details to watch the new Disney + Channel ( he has my Netflix login)
  16. AntoniC

    Network Rail seek former signallers

    Yes she is. She has got over what happened to her and wants to help out.
  17. AntoniC

    Network Rail seek former signallers

    She injured her wrist off duty then needed 2 operations to try and fix the problem (which failed) and also reinjured her wrist when back at work when told to do something she shouldn't have been asked to do. She was off sick for 2 years (approximately) before she was medically retired. By that...
  18. AntoniC

    Network Rail seek former signallers

    My stepmum ( who was medically retired 2 1/2 years ago from the NHS as a radiographer) has been asked to go back to work.
  19. AntoniC


    I am a civil servant with 3 issues that put me in the " preventive action needed category". Today I have been sent home and told to work at home for 12 weeks.