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    Good News on the U.K. Rail Network in 2020

    It looks as though the new multi-storey car park to the south of Milton Keynes Central is now complete, and awaiting the return of passengers. It was locked closed when I was there a few weeks ago. Hopefully this will reduce the pressure on my local shops car park in Neath Hill!
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    Orient express VSOE tv programme - repeated 4 Oct 2020

    I watched the repeat last night, and was struck by two things, apart from the costs - the mention several times that it ran at around 100mph, and that the coaches were refurbished originals, and from what I saw, I got the impression that they were timber framed. Is a timber frame compatible...
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    Donald Trump discussion

    I've now seen reports that he's been admitted to hospital.
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    Stereo Speakers

    Absolutely !! , and I hadn't been drinking...
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    Does anyone here remember the smallpox or TB vaccine

    I was born in 1938, and did National Service in the RAF, 1957-9. I was vaccinated against smallpox when quite young, and the scar is just about visible. Other childhood disease names I remember are diphtheria, and scarlet fever - I suffered whooping cough with other lung type lurgies when I...
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    Stereo Speakers

    Around 50 years ago (when my hearing was still OK), with around 7 others, I was on an audio listening panel, and we had several sessions in the decent sized lounge of a then well known audio/HiFi engineer/journalist. Different stereo systems were played to us using the same snippets of music of...
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    Derelict buildings at old Wolverton rail coach works

    Ownership of the coach maintenance facility at Wolverton has changed over the years, and I think some buildings to the east of what is now Tesco's car park, have been listed, smartened up and now have new users. What remains an eyesore is the roofline of the old buildings seen from Tesco's car...
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    Steam Restoration Completed in Sydney

    Thanks for posting - good to see something stylish from outside the UK. Best Wishes to the project!
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    Lancashire surnames?

    And Mrs Heywood was the name of my piano teacher when we lived in Lancashire, 8 miles SW of Manchester.
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    Is (or was) Milton Keynes considered to be in Buckinghamshire?

    Surely the real insult in this area is that the neighbouring county town of Bedford has Milton Keynes postcodes e.g. MK42 9DJ for Bedford Hospital, South Wing.
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    Car engine oils

    I don't recall a "low" filling on the dipstick ever being a problem. In reply to others, the oil lamp which comes on is the "red" lamp. My 1.8ltr petrol Astra (Auto gearbox) is also fitted with an orange tinted Service Interval indicator, and the car is now 10 years old with ~60,000 miles...
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    Car engine oils

    Thanks for all your replies. You've confirmed what I thought - that an Astra isn't clever enough to sense any special additives in "Vauxhall" branded oil! I noticed the problem when the car was quite young, around 30,000 miles and I think still on the oil as in it on s/h purchase, and after...
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    Car engine oils

    Sorry not rail related, but I hope someone here knows the technology behind my query. I'm retired, and I've driven a Vauxhall Astra (petrol) for many years - fairly low annual mileage. One of the popular outlets for motor oils offers a variety of oils both basic and "more refined"... By...
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    Lancashire surnames?

    Wasn't that his stage name?
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    East-West Rail: Progress and updates

    Well! What an excellent record of the line!
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    Lifts and escalators

    Like at West India Quay when we were there two years ago. Unfortunately, the Docklands Light Railway is sited some height from the dockside below us, and to which we were directed. (OK. I should have got back on a train, and returned to the other platform where there might have been a working...
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    Driving mountain passes. Over or under?

    I didn't know about that one, and it's close to our route when visiting relatives in Mid-Wales. Must check it out, if we're allowed there again... !
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    Driving mountain passes. Over or under?

    I've done Hardknott, and I recall Porlock Hill being more scary - particularly on the bend on the way up.
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    Driving mountain passes. Over or under?

    Driving an automatic, I was always conscious of this risk, and put my gearbox in to one of its lower gears, where engine braking operated. (Am not certain all autos offer this, I was driving a Borg Warner style auto.)
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    Driving mountain passes. Over or under?

    I've done a few of the high Alpine passes - some within the last 20 years, others before I was a parent; so 50 years ago. I can recommend driving over the Gotthard Pass and that from Zwieselstein, Austria to Northern Italy, the Timmelsjoch. There was snow by both roads in June / July...