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  1. Cherry_Picker

    Worst London station in rush hour

    I’m guessing you’ve got your tongue firmly in your cheek here, but the stations are about a 20 minute walk from each other. Sudbury Town is a five minute walk from Sudbury and Harrow Road and Sudbury Hill is barely a minutes walk from Sudbury Hill Harrow so the journey is practically mirrored...
  2. Cherry_Picker

    Bicester Village announcements

    Presumably Bicester Village spend a lot of money on advertising in places where rich Chinese people who holiday in Europe will see it.
  3. Cherry_Picker

    Paddington Station exit for Santander cycle docking station?

    Install the Citymapper app on your phone. Not only will it show you where the docking stations are, it will show you how many cycles are at each station. There are four or five docking stations within a couple of minutes walk of Paddington and the first one you see isn’t always the best one to...
  4. Cherry_Picker

    Trivia: shortest time between passing two stations

    20 chains is a quarter mile. It's pretty easy to extrapolate from there.
  5. Cherry_Picker

    Train Dispatcher & Pregnant

    If you want to come back you may be able to request for light duties for the time being. Are there any office based roles (delay attributions, rostering etc) available at your location?
  6. Cherry_Picker

    TRIVIA: Station abbreviations that are often used for the wrong station

    Of course there have been some examples on the rail network of station names changing but codes staying the same. I'll just stick to my neck of the woods and quote Bicester Village (BIT) which was called Bicester Town when it was allocated a code, and Wembley Stadium (WCX) which used to be...
  7. Cherry_Picker

    Difference between these two posts.

    The Glasgow one says that you'll need to work at least 13 Sundays a year. I'd try to find out if they are outside the salaried hours or not, if not then you are probably looking at another grand or so on your top line. I wouldn't be surprised if Glasgow requires working at multiple stations...
  8. Cherry_Picker

    Difference between these two posts.

    One is a General Purpose Relief (GPR) which doesn't have a fixed roster, it's there to cover planned absences like annual leave and long term sickness, you may even cover multiple stations but without seeing the job description I couldn't comment in this specific example. GPR used to get paid...
  9. Cherry_Picker

    Best fish & chips near a station?

    They might be a bit corporate looking, but Tasty Plaice upstairs at Birmingham New Street station is fantastic. They do black country style battered chips which are just the best.
  10. Cherry_Picker

    Trivia: Railway stations with thoroughfare

    Hinckley station has a footbridge connecting the town of Hinckley and the village of Burbage (which is now contiguous) which is a public right of way as far as I'm aware as the railway line forms the boundary between these two places and there are only a handful places you can cross it in the...
  11. Cherry_Picker

    Which stations should have a micropub?

    It's got two pubs on the concourse, The Globe can't be more than 150 yards from the Harewood Avenue exit and I can think of at least half a dozen more pubs within five minutes walk, including another one called The Globe!
  12. Cherry_Picker

    Trivia: Less obvious stations on a through route where passenger services terminate/start

    This was done deliberately to take some of the pressure off of Shirley which was used as a railhead for a lot of the nearby villages as well as the people of Shirley. There's a new settlement nearby called Dickens Heath too, the entire village is probably no more than twenty years old. I was...
  13. Cherry_Picker

    Signal sighting on the Up Fylde near Preston

    They exist at Wembley too as the railway signals which protect a depot are next to some on the road.
  14. Cherry_Picker

    Kidderminster Station Re-build

    Structurally the main station building on the down (Birmingham bound) platform seems complete but it's still behind hoardings, or at least it was a week or so ago when I was last up there so it's hard to see inside. It's significantly bigger than the old building which had such a small capacity...
  15. Cherry_Picker

    New semaphore signals on the Dudding Hill Line

    The area might be called Dudden Hill, the line is called the Dudding Hill line. The station there was called Dudding Hill. Whether you agree with the reasons for those names or not is besides the point, it doesn't change the fact that the line is called the Dudding Hill line.
  16. Cherry_Picker

    New semaphore signals on the Dudding Hill Line

    No. It's Dudding Hill. There used to be a Dudding Hill station too.
  17. Cherry_Picker

    New semaphore signals on the Dudding Hill Line

    I've not read any notices for that line, but it might just be a like for like replacement of a worn out signal. You can see them clearly from the Jubilee Line near Neasden.
  18. Cherry_Picker

    New semaphore signals on the Dudding Hill Line

    No. They were installed a week or two ago.
  19. Cherry_Picker

    Curzon Street HS2 Railway Station

    The alleyway was originally not for public use. People still used it. You won't stop people using it despite what the local shopping centre wants. Might as well make it a pleasant experience to walk through as it's one of the gateways to the city.