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  1. causton

    A "mask-free" hour for shops?

    Christ, that's going to get confusing in itself! You need to find a more comfortable one then! There are by now many different styles and patterns and manufacturers, I'd be surprised if you didn't find at least one that was comfortable. Then why are lots of countries doing it? What is the...
  2. causton

    Awkward Platforms

    Platform 6 at Wolverhampton. Only really useful to start a service going North, I don't think it's possible to send a train into that platform in passenger service!
  3. causton

    UK face coverings discussion

    IIRC: The first posters/signs were made before the laws were passed (as they were only passed one day before they came into effect I think?) and at the time there was a lot of uncertainty as to whether it meant in stations or just on trains. Then it was clarified the law said just on trains...
  4. causton

    Could ferries to Europe make a come back?

    I went from Harwich - Hoek van Holland last weekend and it was really good, lots of measures in place. Felt a lot safer and more relaxed than an airport!
  5. causton

    TOC claims ticket is tampered with

    I think some people are thinking that the OP could have tried to only enter three of those four dates, then travel on a fifth (e.g. if they didn't fill in 31st on day 3, they could fill in the 1st as the fourth day of validity, then the 2nd as a fifth day) Personally, I don't think that's...
  6. causton

    RMT announcement regarding sewage on tracks

    Nobody is forcing the RMT to write this... er... should I say, human waste. Guaranteed this article will do little to improve the current situation beyond the measures already in place! And if it's "ok" for them to spread lies just to get one up on the Government, then...
  7. causton

    You must stay at home as much as possible

    People are certainly entitled to their views but it is more the way the message is put across. I would say my own views but I fear getting immediately shot down in flames on this forum!! I think the course we have taken has not been overly strict considering where we are, and we are now in a...
  8. causton

    Leicester Station remodelling

    Agree it sounds wrong, 1Z99 seems like it was deployed first but had to come from Crewe, then 1Z98 first described as 0Z98 left Mountsorrel but later described in reports as 1Z98...
  9. causton

    Trivia: shortest time between passing two stations

    I would think of it from the perspective of a person on the train looking sideways out of the window directly at the platform (no cheating looking round curves etc!), so they would see the end point of one platform then see the start point of the next, from a fixed point on the train (so in...
  10. causton

    Wuppertal Schwebebahn services suspended

    Worth noting (as it is just one word in the article) that it is the opposite of what we would consider normal - there is a bus replacement during the week but a normal service on the weekend!
  11. causton

    Worst experiences after taking the wrong train

    Got caught out on C2C's odd calling patterns, hoping to go from West Ham to Barking or Upminster but ended up in Laindon! I think it was Laindon, there were about seven of us that made the same mistake and had to beg at the barriers to be let across the other side to a train back into London...
  12. causton

    How was the "new normal" pub/cafe experience for you?

    Had my haircut today, texted to book an appointment in the week but not needed really, the main differences were they had screens inbetween the chairs (like the pop-up roller banners, but clear plastic), they had a UV sanitising box to put the scissors, comb, etc in between customers, I was...
  13. causton

    Z2 to Luton Airport

    Try LTFares - it seems to work for a random station I picked - Stratford DLR:!fares?orig=DLSTD&dest=NRLTN
  14. causton

    Abellio Greater Anglia Class 755s (Regional Trains)

    Stratford - North London Line - Canonbury curve to Finsbury Park.
  15. causton

    ITSO Smartcard contactless tickets

    Surely it depends on the type of ticket you have? If you have a single or return ticket, or a carnet, on a smartcard, you NEED to touch in or out. Otherwise your journey will never be "used up" and you could reuse the ticket again and again. With a season ticket, there is not the need, but if...
  16. causton

    DfT advise TOCs that full timetable is to be restored on 6 July

    Lots of the sort of workers that still have to go in don't have a choice I'm afraid. Busiest trains seem to be around 0600-0730 into London, the peak shifting a lot earlier as the 0900 starters work from home!
  17. causton

    "Pheww it's 90 today" or "Pheww it's 32 today"?

    Mine is from the exotic Flying Tiger stores, it's a drinking glass just over a pint and has different measurements marked on the side like a jug (including, of course, cups) - so you can use it to measure or if you run out of clean glasses fill it with beer or other desired drink :lol:
  18. causton

    SWR cancelled journey - finding alternative itinerary

    This. Reservation or not, I would definitely get some written confirmation from GWR that you can use their trains. Even then, expect an argument at Paddington gateline! (If it were me, I would catch another SWR service at a different time, but if time is of critical importance I can see you...
  19. causton

    Northern ticket vending machines - covert cameras.

    S&B have cameras on their newer machines, and lots have speakers and microphones. This is usually for the provision of remote assistance (e.g. Greater Anglia and WMT use this), although I don't think the cameras are used.
  20. causton

    Christmas, is it coming earlier?

    I'm sure they're doing it with good reason - if they don't try to drum up some business, the company might not exist come Christmas!