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    Trivia: Disused Railway Infrastructure that is still visible today

    Few bits I can think of: Some odd bits of trackwork around trafford park. There's an old colour light signal plus a few bits of the woodhead line near hadfield station. Manchester mayfield is just about still hanging in there. At crewe a load of the old bay platforms alongside P12 are...
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    Draughtiest stations?

    I'll add: Manchester Piccadilly platforms 13&14. Both open to the elements & no waiting room anymore & can be bloody arctic. Some of the underground stations can be cold too, the tube shape just makes em natural wind tunnels.
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    Barrow Hill

    Evening All, I was planning to visit the roundhouse at barrow hill at some point in the next few weeks or so. With that in mind dropped mervyn allcock the manager a message. He's told me that with the whole coronavirus pandemic etc that they're going to be closed for the rest of 2020 & won't...
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    East Cheshire Bus News

    What do you think will end up happening with arriva macc, will they carry on or slowly die off??? They currently have 9 routes running out of macc: 2 - Thornton Square 3 - Weston Estate 4 - Upton Priory 5/6 - Weston Estate/Upton Priory Circular Evening service 9 - Moss Rose 10 - Bollington...
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    East Cheshire Bus News

    I've noticed recently that at least 5 or 6 arriva drivers have jumped ship & gone to work for D&G. Reasons quoted from a couple of drivers I know are better pay & conditions elsewhere plus adding an extra hour + onto their day due to having to run dead to winsford at the end of the day...
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    Northern Unit Refurbishments

    Anybody know when the 331s are due to replace 323s on picc - stoke duties??? It was supposed to have happened ages ago & I thought the 323 fleet were meant to be getting allocated to liverpool now. A 331 occasionally does the stoke duty on a sunday if a 323 is on maintenance or similar. Also...
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    What's the current situation with bars and cafes on stations?

    At manchester piccadilly all you've got open on the station itself is: Hotel Chocolat Sainsburys WHSmith Can't remember if boots has reopened yet but everything else is still shut including the upper concourse (blocked off at the escalators & stairs by barriers) plus the pubs/shop up there...
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    EMR Class 360's

    Looking forward to EMR getting the 360s. Not the most interesting units but I have always quite liked their boxy lines round the cabs. Plus they make a reasonable noise & are fairly comfy too, siemens built a good unit.
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    WR Have another 2 Pacers

    No it'll actually leave them with 2 operational units as 142035 is going to be a spares donor.
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    East Cheshire Bus News

    It'll be interesting to see what happens with the possible planned flotation of arriva in may. It's been mentioned by a few arriva drivers I know based in macclesfield that stagecoach could be interested in having macc should it get sold off.
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    Modern buses that have missed preservation

    I've got 2 to add that so far I've not noticed: East lancs 2000 bodied darts, arriva NW had loads. Brilliant buses, quite nippy as well. Marshall capital bodied dennis darts. I'm sure there's probably some knocking about but did anyone ever think a leyland lynx worthy of saving?
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    Heritage attraction shops - donations

    Anyone who lives near peterborough could try donating stuff to the travelling post office (TPO) group who are based on the nene valley railway. They've got quite an extensive shop set up in an old MK1 coach at wansford.
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    CrossCountry Voyagers: No interior decor change in 12 years and counting

    Whatever they do firstly the crosscountry voyagers need a bloody long & extensive deep clean. At the moment they're absolutely minging! 12yrs without an interior refresh is stretching it a bit now plus the bodywork on them looks pretty scruffy too now.
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    Your favourite hybrid / combos / unusual mixed formations

    For me I always found it quite quirky when northern spirit coupled a driving car to another 158! So you'd end up with a 2 car 158 with another half a unit coupled to the other.
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    Unusual amenities at stations

    Not sure if this counts but there was a few weeks when carlisle was decorated up I think for when it was used as a set for a homebase TV ad or something.
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    East Cheshire Bus News

    Aye it's £5.50 for a day saver which covers the whole of the D&G network.
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    East Cheshire Bus News

    I was chatting with a winsford based arriva driver the other day who told me there'll be an announcement regarding the future of arriva's UK bus network in september. So for now things are slightly up in the air. The big question is though however who'd take over the operations at winsford &...
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    Voyager hauling Pendolino / TMS set-up

    From what I could tell the pendo wasn't powering but the voyager was having to work pretty hard to keep it moving.
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    Scrap track?

    Do network rail still sell on old concrete sleepers & lengths of rail to preserved railways?
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    Depot Visits

    Vintage trains also open tyseley up for open days but only twice a year I think.