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    Leg space on trains

    The back also needs to be at the right angle to avoid being uncomfortable.
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    Coronavirus words of the year

    Has "circuit breaker" been mentioned yet? Edit: Oh yes it has.
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    UK face coverings discussion

    Surely the need to eat or drink occurs as soon as you decide to enter to eat and/or drink otherwise you wouldn't be entering to eat/drink. :D
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    Socialising with colleagues when WFH

    My office is 200 miles away so I doubt I'll be doing much socialising any time soon.
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    UK face coverings discussion

    Depends what you mean by no big deal. I wear one because the law says I have to but I find them uncomfortable and I dislike seeing people with half a face.
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    UK face coverings discussion

    Has anybody here sneezed into their mask yet or sniffed their way through a journey rather then lower the mask to blow their nose?
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    Hull Trains Redundancies?

    Which doesn't bode well for on board food going forward.
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    Hull Trains Redundancies?

    I was watching the local BBC news at lunchtime and they had an item about HTs and them perhaps making some ostaff redundant. I didn't see the full item nor can I see anything mentioned when I google. Anybody know more?
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    On-board catering updates

    Hot rolls and sandwiches in 1st doesn't sound much of an upgrade to me.
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    UK face coverings discussion

    I think so too. My area almost nil mask useage before mandated. After almost 100%. People don't wear because they want to but because they are told they have to.
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    Should bus windows be locked open to improve ventilation?

    Why not just remove all the glass? Would save any arguments. Job done.
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    UK face coverings discussion

    I don't pay for a tv license but I do pay for a tv licence. :-D
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    UK face coverings discussion

    How on earth do you wear a face covering when getting your hair cut?!
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    UK face coverings discussion

    If the chance of catching the virus from hard surfaces is minimal why are we being told to wash our hands as often as possible?
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    Media Coverage of COVID -19

    Well presumably it'll only be the older grannies that would be affected badly by flu so those under 65 aren't relevant.
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    UK face coverings discussion

    So from Thursday if you go to a restaurant:- You wear a mask to walk through the door You take it off when sat down You put it on if you go to the toilet You take it off when you sit back down You put it on again if you pay at the counter You take it off when you exit.
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    Media Coverage of COVID -19

    Hopefully gran has had the jab.
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    can public transport ever recover from COVID-19

    O Our bus services are leaving people behind because they are "full" due to "social distancing"
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    Coronavirus Briefing with Whitty and Vallance (21/09)

    I thought the only main thing proposed was shutting pubs at 10pm. Not really that much different to when they used to shut at 11pm.
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    Could we see a "Head Out to Help Out" scheme?

    Didn't forum members come up with the idea of Head Out to Help Out weeks ago?