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    Class 66 light loco on WCML fast lines?

    Probably something has failed and the Class 66 has been commandeered to remove it and thefastest way to do it is on the fast lines with all the other non-stop traffic.
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    East-West Rail: Progress and updates

    Why do politicans want railway stations in the middle of nowhere? So after a few years they can say no one uses it and close the station and / or the line?
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    can public transport ever recover from COVID-19

    Before the pandemic the balance was 75/25 with farepayers paying the larger number. Not that the farepayer got the most say by all accounts.
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    Class 745 Stadler FLIRTs

    Was this unit used for heavy braking and acceleration testing?
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    Proposals for a new Cambridge South station.

    GA went all services to Cambridge North due the length of trains and GN terminated in the Bay Platforms at Cambridge.
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    Leicester Station remodelling

    Surely without doubling it makes all the other schmes for Ipswich to Nuneaton pointless as you are still leaving a single line constraint in the middle of the route, especially if XC want to go 2tph east of Leicester as well. This confused me, surely it should be south or are effective...
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    Proposals for a new Cambridge South station.

    Except id you aren't careful it doesn't then work at Ely North Jn for Kings Lynn / Norwich clashing with Up services from Peterborough or on the single line sections to Kings Lynn or the single Jns to Norwich (Ely North Jn and Trowse Jn). I don't think thats possible otherwise in timetable it...
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    Leicester Station remodelling

    Presumably the north to east curve was left double as the route from Peterborough is double and from Syston North Jn to Trent Jn is fast and slow pairings. I agree with your remarks about Syston South to East Jns being single without Syston to Leicester being returned to four tracks but frankly...
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    Ely North Junction upgrade proposals

    And feels very short sighted to me. I hope passive provision is included for easy upgrades in future particularly but not exclusively East West Rail.
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    Transpennine Route Upgrade and Electrification updates, CP6

    As I was told many times, improve your minimum speeds not your maximum speeds.
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    Leicester Station remodelling

    Yes have seen its single now having traversed it a few times over the last 20 years or so, really needs to go back to double in my book if you want more freight this way, not withstanding the other constraints elsewhere between Ipswich and Nuneaton.
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    Proposals for a new Cambridge South station.

    I think I alluded to my views previously, without seeing a track diagram I would have gone for four tracks (if possible) Cambridge Central to Shepreth Branch Jn in a Up, Down, Up, Down configuration. GN on the Down side pair to Platforms 1 to 4 at Cambridge with GA & XC on the Upside pair to...
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    Leicester Station remodelling

    From the video it looks like the Syston South Jn to East Jn is double tracked would I be correct?
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    Proposals for a new Cambridge South station.

    True but this seems an ideal opportunity to perhaps unlock it.
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    Leicester Station remodelling

    Can the line between Manton Jn and Syston North Jn cope with all the north to south freight avoiding Leicester? It also looks like Syston South Jn to Syston East Jn remains single. Even if HS2B (Eastern) is built I don't think that will provide anymore paths through Leicester for East West...
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    Proposals for a new Cambridge South station.

    As I understand the layout Down trains from Liverpool Street to Cambridge Platforms 7/8 and Up Trains from Cambridge Platforms 2/3 to Kings Cross will potentially need to cross twice. Once at Shepreth Jn and again at Cambridge itself. Not sure there is enough information there. I think I'd...
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    Greater Anglia Rolling Stock Updates

    Colchester too?
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    What will the Leicester to London scheduled journey time be, following electrification?

    I don't believe only 1 minute would have been saved. I think 5 minutes between London and Sheffield at least should be achievable.
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    Greater Anglia Rolling Stock Updates

    Is it that limited though?
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    Doors opened wrong side at Wigan

    Presumably it helps dwell times if guard is busy with passengers then other passengers can get off whilst Guard walks to the appropriate position on the train to close doors.