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    New Bus Route

    The new 11 route in Grimsby has been cut. The 25 is being diverted to serve the area.
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    Star Trek: Discovery

    Update CBS have said today that the series may be R-rated and include swearing and nudity. This is really annoying to me, as kids will either see it, or miss out on Star Trek. Also the main cast is said to include a Klingon Captain.
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    Trivia: Direct trains between county councils excluding London

    Matlock to Nottingham. Nottingham to Lincoln. Carlisle to Preston.
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    The Apprentice 2016

    That last episode was great. I still can't believe that someone picked himself to return to the board room!
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    Hull - Selby Electrification 'Rejected'

    I thought First were paying, so why cut it? It's a bargain, Hull is a big city and deserved electric lines more than Corby does!
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    Free to good home

    If no one asks for them, donating to a charity shop like Scope or Oxfam, might be a good idea to avoid throwing.
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    Christmas & Boxing Day Bus Services

    Grimsby had a Boxing Day service each year but not last, but I'm wondering if it was down to the bank holidays after? Anyway it was hourly on 3/4, 5 (via Willows), 8 & 9? (I think the 10 route didn't run as planned due to bridgeworks?)
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    Do we need HS2?

    The route to York I was proposing was a triangle junction near to where the York line branches off from the Toton Line (like the HS2 junction near Birmingham). If people are commuting to London they are earning alot of cash, so not only does this mean only the rich will likely use the line, but...
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    Do we need HS2?

    DarloRich, just because I'm poor shouldn't affect my argument, I know it's those with money who like the scheme as they are the ones that benefit, but that shouldn't make the rich viewpoint more important. The scheme is being sold as something that will help the North, but all it looks to do is...
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    Bus Route Confusion.

    So it's back to normal, that's good.
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    Do we need HS2?

    Yorkie, when the London traffic from Nottingham, Sheffield, Leeds, and car drivers in the whole region goes to HS2 instead, why would the line deserve a service better than say Liverpool to Norwich? Beeston, Leicester, and Yorkshire EMT special service places like Scarborough and Wakefield...
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    Vaping away, on Virgin East Coast one day

    One evening loads of drunken thugs got on at Lincoln, and one was smoking the stinking thing, someone complained, the vaper said it was okay as it wasn't a cig, the guard was asked by the passenger right behind the nuisance, guard confirmed it was not allowed, after that the guard vanished while...
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    Do we need HS2?

    HSTEd, saying you don't care that many places will have a worse service is awful, everyone is paying for this line, susposedly to benefit the economy, but it looks more and more likely to benefit some towns at the expense of others. If you think it's okay to ruin rail services in some towns just...
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    Do we need HS2?

    HS2's speed increase won't make much difference for connecting passengers, say a Mansfield passenger going to London would have to change at Nottingham either onto a tram or a hypothetical new service to Toton (ofcourse it will increase car usage on the M1) before waiting for the train which...
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    HS2 in the press

    If it's easy to pick holes in Great Central Reopening it's even easier to pick holes in HS2, does anyone seriously think the route is ideal?
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    Trivia - Cities and large towns visible from lines which don't serve them

    Not really, other non city cathedral towns include: St Edmundsbury, Southwell, Southwark, Blackburn, Middlesbrough, Arundel, Northampton, and most of Scotland. Ofcourse many cities don't contain a cathedral, namely Hull, Brighton and Hove, Bath etc. I know Rotherham can be seen on the...
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    Films you've seen/film discussion

    I've never seen any Battleship Yamato episodes, but I have been meaning to as it's a very long running now. I'll have to try to get this film.
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    HS2 in the press

    The live broadcast is from the Shimmera Estate near Mexborough which will be devastated. The line's so called capacity boost has also been revealed to mean a reduction of current services. And if it was about capacity it would have terminal stations, and 250mph service.
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    General Knowledge Quiz

    Didn't they sign the declaration of independence and die on the same day on the anniversary of signing it?
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    Bus Route Confusion.

    Possibly, it runs through and stops at the carpark.