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    Is learning to drive an HGV harder than learning to drive a train ?

    HGV Class 2 (rigid) Driver here. Having worked with a few ex Bus drivers, they've all said that the skill set is very similar. There are some differences in the rules, but driving a large vehicle is driving a large vehicle. I can't speak for Class 1 (articulated) or train driving though, I...
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    South Devon Rly: floorless toilet

    On the plus side, it must have been about the only train toilet in the country to have enough paper in it ...
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    New Jersey: Train crashes into station

    I agree, one would have thought that they would have learned from past incidents where this sort of thing has happened and done something to mitigate the effects. I suspect a lot of the issues the US are facing are down to "not invented here syndrome". My condolences and sympathies to all...
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    New Jersey: Train crashes into station

    In North America (I.E US, Canada, Mexico etc) they use a coupling similar to a buckeye. It handles all the buffering forces itself so additional buffers are not required. This is standard over there and used on all rolling stock (from small narrow gauge stuff, right up to the acela express)...
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    Greatest Pass:Stop ratio for stations?

    I make that 357:1* *based on Amington Junction (a couple of miles north, all trains that pass through one theoretically also pass through the other, but is also the nearest place I could find that showed all trains), Assuming all trains that are scheduled on realtime trains actually run...
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    The EU Referendum: How have you voted?

    Voted remain, partly because I believe that the UK should take it's rightful place as one of the leaders of a united states of europe, but mostly because I don't trust westminster one bit (especially with the tories in power).
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    Any interesting rail facts for my area?

    Correct, although the locos were usually petrol or diesel rather than electric. The Motor Rail and Tramcar company had a factory on Elstow Road in Bedford. Their main claim to fame was that they built the armored locos for the trench railways in WW1. The company itself actually started off...
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    Any interesting rail facts for my area?

    did you know that there used to be a locomotive manufacturer in Bedford? Or that in some form it still sort of survives today (albeit not in bedford)?
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    2016 US election discussion

    mutter mutter petition to ban him from the UK mutter mutter
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    The Bag Tax

    In my area if you ask the drivers nicely they'll do that anyway
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    Strange Class 158 pic

    is that not one of the thai ones?
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    Human excrement discovered on floor inside London Midland train carriage

    that's disgusting, but it sounds to me like someone's making a mountain out of a molehill ... (okay, that one was crap even by my standards, I'll just be off then)
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    Poster Of The Year

    is there a category for members who've been here almost forever and almost never post anything? *returns to dark corner where nobody notices*
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    Spotting Sites has a lot of them covered with some information about each, it may be worth using that site if you're looking for a good location.
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    Political Compass 2015 edition

    I was tempted to vote for the green party this year, but then I read their manifesto and suddenly the prospect of a UKIP government didn't seem quite so bad! :shock: I might have to vote monster raving loony again ...
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    YouTube Railway program list

    the episodes are in the wrong order, but Classic Trains from Channel 4 narrated by John Peel:
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    Can people not afford to commute to work?

    it was part time, 16 hours a week, Milton Keynes to Watford (IIRC), for minimum wage, and the train was the only reasonable way that we could find. the job centre didn't care when my friend told them, all they were interested in was getting them off jobseekers.
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    Can people not afford to commute to work?

    A friend of mine went to a job interview about a year ago (I'll give you three guesses who sent them :roll:), where the cost of travelling each day would have been more than the daily wage (even taking season tickets into account). I don't think anyone would be surprised by the outcome of this...
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    The Virgin Train-deer

    Rudolph the red nosed train-deer, Had a very shiny nose, And if you ever saw him, You may even say it glows! All of the other engines, Used to call him names, They never let poor Rudolph, Join in any railway games! Then one foggy Christmas eve, Branson came to say, "Rudolph with...
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    request for help planning a trip to germany

    thanks for that (I've rerouted the tuesday to go via Kassel instead), I should also mention that due to a rather major issue, (I.E some of my friends not having passports and not telling me :roll:), I have to postpone this until at least april/may time, I assume that the timetables will still be...