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    Class 43 LNER Farewell Railtour Dec 2019

    Because its correct for HST stock.
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    Low Moor - new station - now open

    Same when Apperley Bridge opened. Despite having months get the announcements updated on the Class 333's, come opening day, they still had the old announcements, and surprise, surprise, I remember 1 person been caught out and got off at Apperley Bridge instead of Shipley.
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    Front coach window hangers at galas

    I've done abit, but nothing too much over the top, just listening to the fine beast up front.
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    Using a phone while driving on a miniature railway

    Same as on the road surely.
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    Caledonian Sleeper discussion

    Its worked before.
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    Northern Steam services on the Settle and Carlisle

    Gone out for this both last night and tonight. Last night did just a one-way trip to Settle (unit back). Queued up with afew other patient people and we were given priority boarding passes in the form of a pink post-it-note as the man in charge was very grateful we queued. Tonight I did...
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    Train leaves conductor on platform, passengers locked on train

    The line in question is operated now by a mix of 321's, 322's & 333's.
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    Stations with tunnels next to them.

    Glasgow Queen Street LL is inbetween 2 tunnels, so that should count.
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    Why do VTEC diverts call at Carlisle?

    Apart from the first year, they have been fully open calls.
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    Blackpool Trams

    Apart from the doors and the livery, 700 is still very much in heritage condition.
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    Northern and class 333

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    Northern and class 333

    Recreation of Central Trains in the north?. Instead of Yarmouth-Barmouth Railway, its the Southport-Lincoln railway
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    Red Pen 2016 - your new haulages

    Been a while since I posted too, so bringing it upto date. 66737 (14/5 Pathfinder) 20205, 37716, 66763, 68025 (20/5 Severn Valley) 27007, 66305 (28/5 Wensleydale) 08993 (18/6 Worth Valley) 08934 (7/7 Barrow Hill) 68005, 68018 (9/7 Retro) 45108, D9531 (9/7 ELR) 31233, 97304 (23/7 MRC) 69023...
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    Marston Vale Line Without Class 150s

    Top n tail 31s on load 2?.
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    Ticket inspector insisted on seeing my Senior Railcard when entering the platform

    It wasn't harassment. They were doing their job correctly. I used to have a Young Persons railcard when I was young enough. Plain & simple, ticket not valid without the railcard.
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    Spotting banned at Manchester Piccadilly?

    Triggers Broom sounds better.
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    Ticket inspector insisted on seeing my Senior Railcard when entering the platform

    They were just doing their job. Same applies if someone had a Young Persons, Student, Armed Forces, Family, Disabled & Network Railcards to get discount travel, they have to show it.
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    Route taken by trains during engineering work, Sheffield - Leeds 6/7th August.

    Kirkgate can easy take a HST. Bailed on & off previously back in 2000.
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    Trivia: Railway Stations that are next to each other but have no direct services?

    Might be wrong but don't think there is a service linking West Yorkshire's 2 newest stations, Kirkstall Forge & Apperley Bridge.