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  1. BenW390Fan

    All trains on slow lines from Watford Jnc - Hanslope Jnc - why?

    Hi, I noticed that all trains from watford to Hanslope Jnc through the night seem to run on the slow lines instead of the usual fast lines, this includes 390's and the Caledonian Sleeper. I've noticed this from riding on a 390 myself from Euston and it did run on the slow lines and this was a...
  2. BenW390Fan

    Train Database 2020

    Train Database 2020 Publicly released now! After 5 months in development, I've finally released the train database which features locomotives, DMU's and...
  3. BenW390Fan

    GBRf Trialling Commuter Trains for NHS Supplies As seen here, seems like they're using 319's from the looks of it.
  4. BenW390Fan

    Crew Change waiting times

    With freight and passenger services needing crew changes at some point or another, how long does the crew actually need to wait at the change location? I.e. is it 20 minutes before the service is scheduled to arrive or 10 minutes? For a SimSig Carlisle timetable I'm creating - 2nd March 2020
  5. BenW390Fan

    British Rail returning?
  6. BenW390Fan

    The Stranger: Stockport and heritage?

    In an earlier episode of Netflix's The Stranger, the episode features a train station chase with a station looking a lot like Stockport with the operators that do run there. In a later episode, there's another chase in what I'm assuming is supposed to be a derelict railway site, but in reality...
  7. BenW390Fan

    TPE 'Abysmal' Performance

    It's been all over the news that TPE has been discussed in parliament and given a warning to ensure that passengers get a good service. I've travelled on TPE a few times and I've never had any issues with them. So what's all the fuss about?
  8. BenW390Fan

    16 and over Apprenticeships on the Railway

    Hi all, I've been looking for ages and I can't seem to find any railway apprenticeships that allow 16 year olds other than Network Rail Engineering. Network Rail apprenticeships seem to be on-track rather than on stations, depots or on trains which is what I prefer. When I turn 16, I'll be...
  9. BenW390Fan

    TS2020 AP / BMG Class 50

    With it now confirmed that Armstrong Powerhouse and Bossman Games are making a Class 50, I'm quite looking forward to it. Their most recent post shown us a new recording of a Deltic Class 55 with their old soundpack being dated now, possibly a new model from them? Who knows!
  10. BenW390Fan

    Depot Space

    With lots of new units coming in it's inevitable that depots will run out of space. The main operator in mind is Northern with lots of new units coming in but not many old units being scrapped. This came to thought when I saw a post on Facebook in a group called 'Northern Rail Enthusiasts' by...