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    Demand Responsive Transport - lessons learned?

    The Tees Flex service has been running a while now - there seems to be a few who use it, to be fair.
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    Passenger boards XC at Manchester, dies, corpse travels undisturbed to Bournemouth.

    I travelled myself on XC the other day, and I didn't see one member of staff between Darlington and Edinburgh - and all of the ticket gates were open. This doesn't surprise me in the slightest given the new ways of working with Coronavirus etc.
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    Opinions on Class 80x trains vs HSTs?

    If i'm honest, the 'general public' are looking for quick journeys to their destinations, not necessarily an iconic train. It all depends, if they're business travellers, they would rather be in central London or a business area as quickly as possible - they won't really care about what train is...
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    Trivia: Which major UK town has the least direct route from London?

    No idea - maybe the ideology is that Yarm isn't served as well (TPE being the only stoppers there)and Eaglescliffe already has good connections to Darlington every 30 mins. TPE stopping there would be ideal, and no doubt would take away from the Darlington service with connections to York &...
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    Trivia: Which major UK town has the least direct route from London?

    Most would get off at Thornaby, which is only just slightly further away than Stockton station itself - a 10 minute walk. Or, people could get the Grand Central and change at Eaglescliffe for Thornaby rather than Darlington - there are plenty of buses from there too. I'd expect maybe Whitby to...
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    Significant disruption on ECML near Durham and Newark 09/10

    I was unfortunately caught up in this as it happened. 11:06 from Edinburgh to Penzance arrived approx 10:55 - all good. Then at 11:06 turned to 'Delayed' - however, the onboard team could not have been more helpful and kept us updated fully. We were moving from about 11:40 which isn't too bad...
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    Revenue collection - have LNER given up?

    Durham - Newcastle is a relatively small journey, if the gates are open at both ends I can see how it would be easy to fare evade. I've travelled four times this week between Berwick & Darlington, and each time I've had my ticket checked twice - so maybe they're more interested about who's...
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    LNER Website being slow to load

    Has been fairly slow all day, my brother and I went to book tickets earlier and it was basically crawling pace and a few time outs!
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    Virgin Trains (VTWC) new livery being introduced

    That looks great! Very 800 like!
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    Virgin Trains (West Coast) Traveller loyalty scheme now covers standard class tickets - £6000 spend

    It's definately a step forward to reward loyalty. Although the East Coast is now operated by LNER, not Virgin!
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    Cunard Cruise Saver Express

    There's a case study on the Train Chartering website, most likely worth a read:
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    Hotels located adjacent to railway lines

    Only one I really know of is the Travelodge in Hartlepool - Marina, Seafront and Railway Station views.
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    JGA 191XX

    Worst comes to worst, post a section of the panel (IE the font you want) on to - they're usually good at coming up with similar fonts/finding the exact.
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    Carlisle Airport scheduled flight details annouced

    It certainly has potential. Loganair recently pulled out of Durham Tees Valley (DTV/MME), with their flights to Norwich (weird one, mind!) and Aberdeen (in effect, doubling the Eastern Airways flights). There's definately a gap in the market that way, towards the northern tip of the Lake District.
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    Go-Op developments...

    Hello all! Has anyone heard anything further regarding the GO-OP OA applications? Their latest news only shows 2017, and that they've submitted the application. I've been watching their progress (or lack of) for a while now, and things seem to have gone quiet!
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    Hey Scott! Great to see you thriving as a business. Would it not be worth expanding the X8 in to the evenings to provide much needed journeys through to these villages? I know a number of people who try to visit the hospital for evening visiting but have to pay £6 each way in a taxi!
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    I live in Stillington too. I do believe they try to put the double deckers or the Citaro’s on more often than not now! I believe they had to stop trading after their insurance went too high following a number of incidents? They couldn’t afford to continue trading.
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    (Yes, carriage not coach!) Thought I’d open a discussion on this company as they seem to be succeeding in the Teesside area, introducing hourly buses to the Stillington/Carlton villages from Stockton in absence of the Leven Valley buses that unfortunately went bust a few years ago. They’ve...
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    Azuma in Scottish Borders?

    Hi All, Not sure if I am correct but I saw a train from a distance passing Ayton, in the Scottish Borders. It looked to me as if it was an Azuma train, and passed just before the usual sheduled service not long after - possibly between 1/2. Can anyone confirm the movement at all? It was...