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  1. DaveB10780

    Freight trains causing house to shake?

    Reminds me of a terraced cottage I bought in Buxworth some 35 years ago near the tracks. Of course you normally only look at houses during the day. So when I was woken up at 0600 on my first night with the whole house shaking and the windows rattling it was a little disturbing. It seemed to be...
  2. DaveB10780

    Map of Hourly Service Patterns

    Wow this is fantastic.
  3. DaveB10780

    Southern ticket machines being deceptive

    Seconded immoral is a good word.
  4. DaveB10780

    Why has Avanti West Coast got rid of the seat selector?

    Yes indeed, and what happened to my favourite journeys, that seems to have vanished as well. Unfortunately for work I have to use them to pay by Amex,
  5. DaveB10780

    Special Offers Discussion

    They do tuck them away but bottom of page 30 did the trick for me (I had some papers saved).
  6. DaveB10780

    Greater Manchester Traincard Jan 2020 Pricing

    I also had trouble but National Rail Enquiries has now been updated.
  7. DaveB10780

    Concerns regarding the use of concessionary Oyster cards in the London area

    What a laugh people moaning about given free travel over a vast area and getting bigger all the time. Some of us just get buses after 0930.
  8. DaveB10780

    Advanced ticket for TPE Planned Cancelled Train from Edinburgh

    Since the good folk of TPE have cancelled a few trains from Edinburgh to Liverpool after New Year, what is the position if you already have an advance ticket on one of them to Manchester? Mr Goodwin wrote some form of apology but unsurprisingly failed to cover what people should actually do. I...
  9. DaveB10780

    Avanti West Coast issues

    I had this on the first weekday off peak train from Stockport to Euston. Lots of frustrated people since this is a very busy train with folks standing sometimes. Good news was it was relatively quiet and everybody eventually got a seat. No announcement whatsoever from the train manager which I...
  10. DaveB10780

    Why has Avanti West Coast got rid of the seat selector?

    Just looking at Trainsplit. About 50% of my journeys to London are Off Peak single into London and return first class Advanced. This is easily available on all booking sites but I cannot see a way to do this on Trainsplit since fare options seem to apply per journey. Am I missing something simple?
  11. DaveB10780

    Why has Avanti West Coast got rid of the seat selector?

    Sort of but unless you can actually see what seats are available then it is back to a guessing game.
  12. DaveB10780

    New £10 annual charge for Greater Manchester Pensioners' Passholders to use tram and train for free

    Got to laugh at this, folks who get this major extra benefits for living in a PTE area like Manchester or London should just think about those of us who live outside and just get buses after 0930 and not after 2300 (no idea why this should be the case). However we probably do have more fresh air...
  13. DaveB10780

    Why has Avanti West Coast got rid of the seat selector?

    Most definitely not ideal. Unless you can see what is available then it is a guessing game. I have done this with the call centre before and it is mental torture. Twitter maybe easier but unless you have proper proof of the seat it could be challenging when not boarding at the start e.g. Stockport.
  14. DaveB10780

    Northern Railway Arriva 'Scrooge you' to customer

    Well that is one opinion. However consider this, after 0900 on a weekday ONLY off peak tickets are required for the specific journey to and from Manchester not matter what time of the return. Hence the machine should not offer a full price ticket which is NEVER required. This is doing something...
  15. DaveB10780

    Avanti online booking app (and alternative apps)

    That is awful picking a seat is critical for me on this route. For example which side of the train to avoid the sun. Also where I have had seats automatically allocated then the system squashes them into a single carriage until it is full as far as I could see. Time to jump ship if Trainsplit...
  16. DaveB10780

    Northern Railway Arriva 'Scrooge you' to customer

    I have a similar type of issue where Northern are refusing to refund extra money paid for a ticket bought at a TVM. The journey is Furness Vale to Manchester Piccadilly which is always off peak both ways after 0859. When some of my family travelled at about 1100 the TVM offered a full fare...
  17. DaveB10780

    Northern Ticket Machine Update Issues

    I would agree that data is likely to be skewed on a very low use station and machine. Some of the destinations appear because of schools. However general common sense should prevail here I would have thought and a major city at the end of the line should be fixed in place. Life was so easy...
  18. DaveB10780

    Northern Ticket Machine Update Issues

    My station, Furness Vale, is just outside the PTE area and I would be very surprised if Manchester isn't quite popular since it is at the end of the line. It should be fixed at the top. By the way don't get me started about the complications of living just outside a PTE with all the added...
  19. DaveB10780

    Northern Ticket Machine Update Issues

    If someone from Northern still reads these pages please PM me and explain why Manchester and Stockport are not popular weekly season tickets from Furness Vale. If possible please also send me details of the algorithm used to bring up the list. I have attached a screenshot of the stations listed.
  20. DaveB10780

    Nearly went very wrong...

    Did you have to go to Charing X? My route from London Bridge to Paddington would be Jubilee to Baker St then Bakerloo cross platform. Takes about 20 mins.