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  1. dennis63uk

    Southern Electric V2

    Has anyone got the Southern Electric V2 route please. As i need it to put in with the Charing Cross to Gillingham Route.
  2. dennis63uk

    Help Please

    Can anyone tell me please if the ATI Radeon X1650 PCI-E 512mb Will work with BVE4. As i still cannot run it at all with NVidia 7300GT 256mb Graphics card. Dennis
  3. dennis63uk

    Having Problem

    I've just built a new Pc and cannot get BVE4 to run on it at all. All i get is a white screeen when it is installed. Specs of PC are: AMD Sempron 3600+ 2.1ghz processor 2gb of DDR2 533 Memory NVidia 7300gt 256mb Graphics card PCI-E Screen running in 1280 x 1024 32bit 250gb Sata Hard...
  4. dennis63uk

    Charing X to Gillingham Depot

    I've tried the modified route out for BVE 4 and got some problems at some stations. can start the train out from the station then when get out so far the train comes to a halt and cannot get it to start going at all.
  5. dennis63uk

    Hungarian Route

    Anyone else tried the Hungarian Route out for BVE 4.2. As i've got it installed and find it a great little route.
  6. dennis63uk

    Help Please. Edinburgh Route for BVE 4,2

    I cannot re-install edinburgh route. As i get a load of errors. Had a bad crash on PC last night. Every other route works ok.
  7. dennis63uk


    Is there anyone building a cl67 for BVE 4.2. See one in real life tonight but was to dark to take pic of it. Although i live near enough on the top of the line in Eccles
  8. dennis63uk


    Wanted cl104 please for BVE 4.2
  9. dennis63uk

    Richwell Network V2.0

    Has anyone got Richwell Network V2.0 for BVE 4.2 please. As have lost it off of my PC
  10. dennis63uk

    Missing overhead cables

    Has anyone else noticed that in Richwell Network Routes version 2.0 to 2.5. That there are missing overhead cables in patches. As have noticed it myself.
  11. dennis63uk

    cl37 and cl87 for bve4.2

    Can anyone please tell me where i can find the cl37 and cl87 trains for bve 4.2