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    SPT Daytripper 19/5/12

    Thought I write up my report from my day so far Went to kilwinning station about 8:50am to collect my daytripper pass and scratch out the correct day. Took the 09:04 to Glasgow Central. Then my plans really started with the 09:47 to Lanark and 10:53 back to Motherwell with a 318...
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    Looking for best place to look for DMU diagrams?

    Could some tell me the best place to get diagrams? I have EMU diagrams but I need some DMU diagrams because I'm planning out my rail trips for the summer. I got times and good lines for my favorite EMUs but need DMU please?
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    My Rail Trips 12/5/12

    Woke up at 7:30am, got dressed and had my first cup of coffee for the day. Left the house at 8:25am and walked to Kilwinning station. I took the 08:34 service to Glasgow Central and I went to the shop out side of Central Station and bought some munches and juice for my train jurneys...
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    Best rail trip I do now days

    Central/East Highland 156 09:02 Glasgow Central - Edinburgh 158 10:35 Edinburgh - Inverness 158 14:27 Inverness - Aberdeen HST 18:16 Aberdeen - Edinburgh HST 21:14 Edinburgh - Glasgow Central
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    Old days out on the rails

    Central Scotland 156 13:05 Glasgow central - Edinburgh 322 14:21 Edinburgh - Dumbar 322 15:04 Dumbar - Edinburgh 322 17:08 Edinburgh - North Berwick 322 17:55 North Berwick - Glasgow Central Strathclyde EMU Bashes 314 0950 Glasgow Central - Weymss Bay 314 10:55 Weymss Bay -...
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    My big rail trip to London coming up on 2-3 july 2012

    Looking forword to a good day out with some of my favorite trains My Plans are TRAIN HEADVOAD TOME ROUTE Class 90 Mk2/3 1M11 23:40 Glasgow-Euston Class 317 2C07 09:06 Kings Cross-Cambridge Class 317...
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    Diagrams for Class 317 please?

    I'm planning goin to london for a day out on my favorite train Class 317. Could someone give me class 317 diagrams on Kings Cross - Peterbourgh, Liverpool Street - Cambridge SEMI FAST and any other fast lines please Would help for me to make my plans for a day out on the trains I love :-)
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    318, 156 n HST bash 28/12/11

    320 not my favorite train but still like a bash every now & again but got me from motherwell - lanark then got a 318 on a express run on dalnure service got that to glasgow central. Went to costa for a coffee then 156 from glasgow central - edinburgh. Got the 1030 HST from edinburgh-newcastle...
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    My report from my daytripper 17/12/11

    Woke up at 6:15, got washed & got dressed then left the house at 7:40 made my way to kilwinning station. Bought my daytripper, rubbed out the correct date then waited for the 0707 train for glasgow central.. Arrived in glasgow central about 8:40. Went into costa got myself a coffee. Then...
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    allmost gt ma plans sorted thanks to some os your help thanks

    day 1 buy rover ticket ona sunday dae simple runs like 314 glasgow - neilston n bk 318 glasgow - lanark prob fit in 318 glasgow - larkhall git scotrail sleeper glasgow - london eusten day 2 spend day on liverpoolst - east anglia routees ona 315, 317, 321 n class 90s 57 fgw...
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    All line rover need some ideas & advice please

    Thinking about doing a all line rover got some trains i would like good runs on but some need gdvices EMUs would like down south and DMUs would like up north of england and scotland i may have routes for them !56 Glasgow Central -Carlisle, !58 Inverness - Wick, HSTs Edinburgh - London Kings X...
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    thrashing some trains around centrol scotland

    Used my 1st day of centrol scotland Being good but could do better 380 kilwinning - glasgow centrol 170 queen street - edinburgh 170 around fife circle 380 edinburgh - north berwick 322 back to edinburgh 170 edinburgh - glasgow queen street 380 glasgow centrol -...
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    Trip to london on the 16th August

    Plans are Monday night on the 15th August travel down on scotrail sleeper for the night and wake up tuesday morning Spend the morning on class 315. 321 around the zone areas After lunchtime thrash 317 to cambridge and back Spend rest of the day on other trains in the zone area till...
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    day travel card

    Just like to double check before I buy london zone travel card Was recomended the 1~6 day travel card for the route I would like to travel for the day on some of my favorite trains (class 315, 317 and 321) and I looked at the london transport website and looked at the map and I saw a 1~9 day...
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    Need abit of advice

    Hi Thinking about taking a trip down south and go for a few runs on some simuler version of my favorite trains in glasgow (class 314, 318 and 320) but love 2 try out the class 315, 317 and 321 and hav a rough idea were to start from (london liverpool street) but stuck for routes. What would...