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  1. Jordeh

    Hull Trains service seen on diversion at Parkgate, Rotherham

    Not sure about the whole route but according to Twitter it's the first time an IET has made it to St Pancras:
  2. Jordeh

    Website to track railway lines travelled on

    Does anyone know of a website where I can mark the railway lines I've travelled on to create a map of them? Ideally one which includes railway lines outside of the UK too. I'm pretty certain such a thing exists as I've seen people's maps on Twitter but I've searched around and can't find any...
  3. Jordeh

    Video shows possibly homeless man having dirty water poured around him outside Sutton Station

    I disagree, thanks to the video we can be sure they're held accountable for their actions and this behaviour is discouraged in future.
  4. Jordeh

    Why is BlaBlaCar carpooling not popular in the UK?

    Are you aware that this is a thread about BlaBlaCar and that I made no mention of National Express? It does however illustrate my point that BlaBlaCar is not competitive due to it's high prices.
  5. Jordeh

    Why is BlaBlaCar carpooling not popular in the UK?

    I've looked at journeys from London-Nottingham and they're usually £20-25 - which is no cheaper than the train and definitely slower and more inconvenient. However, I have used it in France once and it was around £10 for a 2 hour journey. I'm not sure why there is such a price disparity or...
  6. Jordeh

    Camden High Line

    I would thoroughly recommend reading this in depth article by the wonderful London Reconnections, for details of the Camden scheme and others across London:
  7. Jordeh

    Better rail links promised with Heathrow expansion?

    It is absolutely bonkers and a needless distraction from real debate. It is just an engineering consultancy coming up with an idea to grab a few headlines and get their name a bit more known. Similarly I think Hyperloop is equally unrealistic and distracts from proper debates about funding rail...
  8. Jordeh

    Better rail links promised with Heathrow expansion?

    Together the two do mean much better rail links to Heathrow Airport, although both projects will happen regardless of the runway thankfully. Two very modern railway lines with high frequencies and one interchange is much faster and easier, than the existing cross-London arrangements that people...
  9. Jordeh

    Has the Man in Seat 61 had his day?

    You make a lot of interesting points and it isn't something I really considered before. When it comes to high speed rail, it does have it's limitations and I would use an actual journey planner given the frequency of most HSR routes. I do however love it for finding out about how rail travel is...
  10. Jordeh

    Broken phone - could not present e-ticket

    Personally I think batteries running out or phone failing/breaking are very low risk for me so I've never had an issue with it. I appreciate batteries are poor with older smartphones and intensive use but this can be managed quite easily. There's a much greater risk of me losing or damaging a...
  11. Jordeh

    Megabus vs National Express

    I just wish they'd do that with their other routes. The traffic around Victoria is often horrendous and it can take an hour just to get out of Zone 1. Also, I don't think many people actually go to Victoria as a final destination and it's not amazingly well connected. I would much prefer it if...
  12. Jordeh

    King's Cross to Waterloo best route?

    One which hasn’t been mentioned yet is via Bank using the Waterloo & City line and Northern line. Not the quickest or easiest route admittedly but I did enjoy it for the novelty of using the W&C line a few years ago.
  13. Jordeh

    Dutch Trams

    The HTM app for the Hague has English and allows you to purchase 1 hour tickets and day tickets (I am slightly biased seeing as I work for the company that develops it!)
  14. Jordeh

    Belfast BRT 'Glider' network; opening September 2018

    'Cheers' for your honesty but why a waste of money? Investment in bus corridors has been often been shown to be a good value way to improve public transport usage. Look at Dublin, Cambridge, Bogota, Curitiba etc Would you rather there wasn't investment?
  15. Jordeh

    Amsterdam Eurostar

    Whilst you have a point about conducting checks on board, I don't think you have any understanding of the word jobsworth.
  16. Jordeh

    Amsterdam Eurostar

    This tweet is probably of interest to some people.
  17. Jordeh

    Major Disruption At Nottingham Due To Fire (12/01)

    There’s no ‘perhaps’ about it, you explicitly stated as a fact that all TOCs use the train line. The reality is you are ‘wrong’ whether it adds to the discussion or not, it’s a shame you don’t even have the humility to apologise.
  18. Jordeh

    Grayling and the SoS for Transport role.

    Does it make much difference though whether they're postponed indefinitely or not? Realistically they cannot happen in the next few parliaments and (sadly) there is nothing he can do about that. In regards to your point about his reversal of policy on devolution to London - I don't dispute that.
  19. Jordeh

    Possible Crossrail capacity upgrades

    Please present some evidence of this happening? The UK economy is not tanking and unemployment is not increasing. At the time of the Brexit vote yes there was a lot of talk of whole banks moving out of London but their position has softened significantly. It is now just talk of moving small...
  20. Jordeh

    Grayling and the SoS for Transport role.

    It's overly simplistic and above all not fair to attribute those issues directly to Chris Grayling. Yet the leader of the opposition, shadow chancellor, shadow home sec and shadow foreign sec all have constituencies in London! The Cabinet isn't representative of the whole UK but the shadow...