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  1. callum112233

    How did this man not get electrocuted? He clearly fell on the 3rd rail then nearly got hit by the train.
  2. callum112233

    Ordsall Lane WCRC Derailment accident report

    If it hasn't already been posted. Locomotive derailment at Ordsall Lane Junction, Salford, 23 January 2013 (PDF)
  3. callum112233

    Gtr Manchester Wayfarer

    Just a quick enquiry. Does anyone know if this ticket is still available to buy? Thanks.
  4. callum112233

    Train presentation operative (Northern)

    What are the recruitment steps involved for a train presentation operative? I have done my application and completed the DSI test. If I was to be successful with the DSI test, what would come next? Would it just be an interview then an offer of employment? Thanks.
  5. callum112233

    Colas 47 Wigan-Southport

    Walking home from Wigan Wallgate last night, I was walking down Frog Lane and noticed a Colas class 47 idling away in the carriage siding. So when I got home, I checked realtimetrains and found that pretty much all night, this loco was running to and from Southport. Anyone know why? It was...
  6. callum112233

    WCML Diversions 11.07.13

    Here are some videos of the recent WCML diversions. The videos were taken at a foot crossing near Kearsley. For some reason, I can't seem to embed my youtube videos?
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    For anyone interested. A little bird told me that DBS 60099 (tata steel livery) has caught fire. No more information about where or when. Callum.
  8. callum112233

    Had to post this - Northern Advertising

    I was flicking through the great ol' Wigan reporter when I came across a Northern advert. This one here: 'Avoid the crowds and save money'. They won't be saying that tomorrow when the hordes of man and wife with child in tow are making their way to the Manchester Christmas markets. Last...
  9. callum112233

    Free travel for police officers on Northern

    Probably quite a nice touch from Northern to coincide with the funerals of the two police officers murdered on duty last month. Now who said Northern were a set of mean sticks?
  10. callum112233

    Class 31 at Arpley

    I'm surprised no one has mentioned it yet but there is a dark blue (I think) class 31 in Warrington yard. I first noticed it last Saturday. Don't know the number because it was too far away to see. Anyone know why it's there? Callum.
  11. callum112233

    Warrington Bank Quay low level.

    I'm just wondering about the best permitted way of getting down to the low level lines at Warrington. I'm looking to get some pictures of coal trains etc. Anyone know any good spots? The closer to the station the better :D Thanks. Callum.
  12. callum112233

    Eyesight check.

    I often wonder if my eyesight falls within the required parameters for being a train driver. How can I find out before applying for driving jobs if my eyesight passes the minimum standard. Would an optician be able to advise? Also, is there anything that can be done if my eyesight was to fail...
  13. callum112233

    oovee class 144

    I installed the class 144 from oovee today and when I loaded it up I was met with just blue ness and couldn't see out of the window. Anyone know a way to fix it? Callum.
  14. callum112233


    Has anyone got any idea what traction is used on the 14:22 Preston-Colne service today? I was kind of hoping for a 158. Thanks. Callum.
  15. callum112233


    I have been wondering for some time about when a train is stopping for a station. How much brake does the driver put on when he/she comes to the braking point for a station? Do they put on the brakes fairly strongly then ease off them as they come to the station? or do they do the opposite and...
  16. callum112233

    FTPE training manager

    I notice FTPE are looking for a training manager for the future class 350 fleet already :o
  17. callum112233

    A surprise at wigan.

    Was just waiting for the 14:48 to rochdale from Wigan Wallgate and this turned up.
  18. callum112233

    Quick question about hartford.

    Hi all. I'm just wondering if Hartford (Cheshire) is a good place to get some photos as opposed to Acton Bridge because for me Hartford would be easier to get to. Thanks in advance. Callum.
  19. callum112233

    09:43 Euston-Glasgow

    Just a quick question. I am travelling on this service from wigan and wondering if it is a pendolino or voyager? Something tells me it will be a voyager. Callum.
  20. callum112233

    What is this working?

    I was just looking at and I came across this: 3S08 WTT PASS Wigan L.i.p. To Wigan L.i.p. 1104 ZZ Does anyone know what train it is? Here is a link for the full schedule Thanks. Callum.