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  1. EmergencyBrake

    London Underground routes archive page

    It's been a while since I've had anything to do with BVE but recent events have made me step in for a bit... After consulting a few relevant people, I am pleased to announce that a few of the downloads from the old BVE Routes and trains website (BRT) are now available on an archive site...
  2. EmergencyBrake

    Software emulation detected

    OK, after being persuaded by a few others, I finally parted £29 for a copy of Rail Simulator. I've installed it only to find this that it detected emulation software program is installed on my computer... fair enough and not surprising as I have Alcohol 120% installed. I've turned off emulation...
  3. EmergencyBrake

    Class 59 or 66?

    Hi, I've been told that this is a 59 not a 66, is that so and how can you tell? Thanks.
  4. EmergencyBrake

    BVE4 Aldwych Branch version 2 released!

    As titled :) Improvements includes... - The line is operated by the unrefurbished 1973 stock - Small correction to Aldwych station - More realistic atmosphere at stations - Tunnel brighness reduced - Photorealistic passengers at platform - Photorealistic rails - Increased texture...
  5. EmergencyBrake

    Help! Problem installing Net framework

    Hi, Following a hard drive failure the other week, I've reinstalled Windows, only to find that it hangs during boot up (result of a driver conflict) and had to recover using recovery console and boot using last known good cofiguration. When I tried to start BVE, it prompts me to reinstall...
  6. EmergencyBrake

    Curve Radius

    Hi, How exactly do I work out the curve radius of this curve? The curve lasts for 400m.
  7. EmergencyBrake

    BVE Developer's calculator

    Hi, I have spent yesterday evening and today revising for my computing exams and I have made a little calculator on Visual Basic as part of my revision on the topic of algorithms. This calculator will probably be useful for BVE route developers out there. It allows you to - Convert Mile...
  8. EmergencyBrake

    Aldwych Branch for BVE4

    Hi, Some of you may know that I was coding the Aldwych branch for BVE4. I am proud to say that the Aldwych Branch is now finished and will be released soon. In the meantime, here are some screenshots for you to enjoy. Have fun! ;D...
  9. EmergencyBrake

    Opinion about rail colours

    Hi, Please tell me whether the rails in the tunnels are too bright, too dark or just right. Thanks :D Edit: Damn... I was suppose to create a poll! Oh well
  10. EmergencyBrake

    Weird MSN problem

    Is there anybody else experiencing weird things happenign on msn such as this? I can assure you that I was online all this time, but yet some of my friends see me as offline. In another case, I see my friend as offline where they claim that they are online. :S
  11. EmergencyBrake

    Berlin Subway

    Hi, The Berlin subway route frequenly crashes for me for no apparant reasons. Some diagrams runs Ok but others do not. I've installed the update patch from TML's website which claims to fix some bugs but this made no difference. Does anybody else have this problem or is it just me?
  12. EmergencyBrake

    mstsbin installation problem

    Hi, I've just downloaded the mstsbin patch however, I cant seem to install as as I get the following message during the installation process... It may be worth mentioning that my train.exe in the MSTS directory is not the original exe, but was a no CD patch which I downloaded off...
  13. EmergencyBrake

    How do I make a consist?

    For example, if I want to make a train with 5 dash-9 locomotives and 100 oil tanker how do I do it? I looked at the Train Simulator editors and tools but there isnt a consist builder. Is there a program to do this or do I have to do it manually?
  14. EmergencyBrake

    1986 stock

    Hi, I have taken a few pictures of the 1986 stock (the green train) from Acton's open day back at the 3rd of march with the intention to make a new BVE 4 train. In case you did'nt know, the 1986 stock was a prototype stock for the then future Central Line trains, which we know now as the 92...
  15. EmergencyBrake

    Dont you just find this ANNOYING? (contains large image)

    Well, does anybody else find this annoying when someone goes on and offline immediately on MSN to get your attention? :angry4: I mean... COME ON! We know that your online when you sign in ONCE... theres no need to do this; you will not gain much more attention anyway and plus, the dialogue...
  16. EmergencyBrake

    Third rail textures

    Hi, If anyone have any good southern third rail textures, can you please let me know. Thanks... ...And a very merry christmas to all of you! :santa: :santa: :santa:
  17. EmergencyBrake

    Does anyone have nuts or bolts to fix this train?

    The last announcement you expect when you are travelling in a train lol.
  18. EmergencyBrake


    HI, Is there any way to alter the derail speed as I am getting sick of getting derailed when going 1mph over the speed limit. E.g. at a section of line where the speed is 80mph, instead of derailing at 81mph, is there a way to set it so that it derails at 90mph. I do not want to turn...
  19. EmergencyBrake

    help with .x objects

    Hi, I am trying to make a night route for the Ongar branch and have encountered some problems. I tried to convert some station buildings from .csv to .x file format so that I have a play with the window illuminations. However the .x object has gaps in the textures and sometimes, wrong...
  20. EmergencyBrake

    Epping-Ongar for BVE4

    Hi all, I have finally got around to finish the route! :blob5: You can download it on BRT It features Five running diagrams Accurate scenery with many purpose built objects. Traction motor cutout at power rail gaps. Photorealistic...