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  1. dennis63uk

    Southern Electric V2

    Yes i did as i've been on here for just over 4yrs now and know how to do it
  2. dennis63uk

    Southern Electric V2

    Yes i've got all the trains ok. I've checked it over and over again
  3. dennis63uk

    Southern Electric V2

    Hi i tried it but don't work. Just keeps crashing. Every other route works perfect.
  4. dennis63uk

    Southern Electric V2

    Has anyone got the Southern Electric V2 route please. As i need it to put in with the Charing Cross to Gillingham Route.
  5. dennis63uk

    BVE 4 Ashford to Victoria route

    I've got it working ok now many thank. But cannot keep to the times in timetable
  6. dennis63uk

    BVE 4 Ashford to Victoria route

    Hi Ryan i'm using BVE4 trains here. as i don't use BVE2 here at all. Any suggestions which train is best to use. As i'm using cl455 Un-refurbished at moment, Thanks Dennis
  7. dennis63uk

    BVE 4 Ashford to Victoria route

    Just downloaded the route today and really enjoyed it all the way to london victoria --- old post above --- --- new post below --- Just downloaded the timetable and put it in but cannot get it to work i still get it blank in timetable area.
  8. dennis63uk

    Open BVE 0.9

    I get kernel32.dll error come up everytime i try to install it
  9. dennis63uk

    Open BVE 0.9

    Will not install on my PC as i keep getting a error. Using Windows XP sp3, 2gb ddr2 memory, ATI X1500 graphics card.
  10. dennis63uk


    I haven't got the 19:57 class 47 mail train here. As i'm using the 2009 version. I'm using a class67 for mail train
  11. dennis63uk

    Network West Midlands 2009 Released

    I'm getting a few errors coming up in the Salford Bridge route. Otherwise it runs great many thanks
  12. dennis63uk


    Hi Don't you mean class67 as that is the one that you drive in Maybank - Hamerwich mail train. As i've just tried the route out and got no problems with it here.
  13. dennis63uk

    which are your locals?

    Many thanks that leaves me out as i live in Eccles
  14. dennis63uk

    BVE4 class 57/3 released

    Many thanks. I've downloaded them and put the Class57-302 in 9:40 Maybank to Ludgate Hill. love the sound of them. The Virgin Class57's has been running through Eccles most weekends dragging Pendolinos's
  15. dennis63uk

    Forthcoming updates....

    Looks really fantastic. Keep up the good work
  16. dennis63uk

    What's up with the display?

    I'm using Nvidia Geoforce 8400gs here and have no problems with BVE 4
  17. dennis63uk

    Sittingbourne and Kemsley Light railway to close!

    I can remember the Sittingbourne and Kemsley Light railway. As i use to work in Bowaters Paper Mill in Kemsley quite a few years ago. Would be ashame to see the line go.
  18. dennis63uk

    Tokyo Ginza Metro

    Just downloaded it and installed it works really great
  19. dennis63uk

    Class 155 for BVE4 Released!

    Just downloaded it will give it a run a bit later as BVE4 is on my other PC
  20. dennis63uk

    Central Line BVE4

    I've just tried the link and i cannot get it to work here.