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    Weird Staticy Noise...

    So did you manage to get any success in resolving the sound issue?
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    Weird Staticy Noise...

    Type dxdiag in Run, then go to the sound tab and reduce acceleration. Not sure about the First Class Passenger, think it's something to do with the post counts.
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    Weird Staticy Noise...

    Did the new driver fix it? If it doesn't, I suppose a new sound card (of another brand) would be the only solution. PS. Did you try reducing the hardware acceleration as well?
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    Weird Staticy Noise...

    I have a sample. Occasionally, my computer just produces the static sounds (even when I'm not playing BVE). Strangely, the sound can be recorded by Audacity. I need to restart the computer to get rid of it.
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    Weird Staticy Noise...

    This is a problem which happens with Realtek soundcards. If you search the web, you'll see that people encounter the static problems when playing other games too. One of the methods was to reduce sound acceleration. It hasn't worked for me. Another method was to install new drivers. I tried...
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    Weird Staticy Noise...

    Do you have a Realtek sound card?
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    Track Viewer in "Full Screen"

    Does this method change the resolution of TrackViewer or does it resize the screen to fit TrackViewer instead?
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    BVE 4 in new display resolutions

    Yeah, it's great! I've always wanted to continue using BVE2 because of the Markers, Station Name when approaching, passenger meter etc.. But my LCD monitor can't display low resolutions properly. Most UK BVE2 trains have full cabs though, 480x440.
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    Speed Records

    I have got till 900km/h+ in BVE2 whereby it gives an Error 5 because there are no more codes for Motor sounds, lol! In BVE4, I've hit 1200km/h+ But both train and route were obviously heavily modified
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    Merry Christmas from BRT!

    Yeah, that works, thanks!
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    Merry Christmas from BRT!

    The London Underground train page doesn't seem to work. It gives a 404 Page not found.
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    Plymouth Route Update & BVE Cornwall news in general

    Not neccessary does both edges have to be power of 2. It only needs to be power of 2 if transparency is required. If no transparency is needed, as long as one edge follows the power of 2 rule and the file is saved in 256 colours, it will display without be tilted or anything. But sometimes...
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    Some bve Routes in Hong Kong

    Oh, I see now, thanks!
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    Some bve Routes in Hong Kong

    Then why are there 2 different versions uploaded?
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    Some bve Routes in Hong Kong

    I mean what exactly is the difference between 8.14 and 8.14b?
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    Some bve Routes in Hong Kong

    Hi, may I know what's the difference between version 8.14 and 8.14b of the MTR CT-stock? It seems that one version can only work for simonman3000's route, but the other can't. So what exactly is the difference between the 2 trains that it can only work for one author's route?
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    Solution for 1996 Stock?

    I've tried the train and it sounded familiar... Compare all 8 motor sounds with the 1996 stock by Wulf and you'll see...
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    Passenger view Problems With the Bin Patch

    This problem is actually an MSTS problem. You can save the activity and then load it again. The passenger view should work after that.
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    Laptop Performance?

    If you change the Northern Line train to another one, it might help though. The Heritage route should give better frame rates.
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    Central Line!

    Here's a few updated screenshots! :) WHITE CITY centre platform - where our journey to central London starts WOOD LANE's just round the corner (it's based in the year 2004, so it hasn't been demolished yet) with much thanks to Jeremy & Richard Griffin (Squarewheels) for...