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    Eek, my GCSEs are soon too. Already done the maths one a year ago, but I've got an Additional Maths exam instead which is even harder. German oral on friday too :-(
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    Gunman kills 30 at US university

    Damn, Frasier has hit the forum yet again. He's simply too good at arguing, it makes me very uncomfortable. The guy could've got his mits on a gun irrespective of legality. What this incident has done is really illuminate the whole gun rights issue. The general public are currently more...
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    Gunman kills 30 at US university

    There's no way they'll change their gun laws, the gun manufacturers based in America are making a killing :!: from their sales. It's just like arms traffiking, but at home.
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    I love CSS, great game. Zombiemod rules. :pirate:
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    Local shop!

    Waitrose is a specialist supermarket, it's overpriced so that people with more money than they'll ever need can find something to do with it all. E.g. £500 - :spam1:
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    The meaning of "LOL"

    It's the filler-word which people use when they can't be bothered to type anything else. Or for some people, an extra word tacked onto the end of every sentence they send over MSN.
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    Spoof Microsoft Firefox :-P
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    Online FPS games

    I play Halflife 2: Deathmatch and the odd bit of CSS. I'm a lot more handy at HL2:DM, have got pretty good kill-death ratios on some servers. I like the ZombieMod on CSS which is absolutely amazing. If you order servers alphabetically and scroll to Z and choose one of the "infection" mode games...
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    Yeah, I use it. It's a little better than the MSN-messenger integrated thing because it allows group chats. I haven't tried using the features you have to pay for, but it looks pretty cheap, especially for international calls. mbonwick, you could just ask your friends for answers to your...
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    Favourite Film?

    I'm glad Trainspotting doesn't have any real trainspotters in it, I really hate those kinda guys.. Oh, hello! :tongue9: But I do like Trainspotting, my favourite part has to be where the guy's going cold turkey and he imagines the dead baby crawling along the ceiling and then jumping onto his...
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    Best site ever?????

    Amazing site, it's so professional. I think I've found a better site, if only for it's content; Christian Gaming Followed by the even better.. Christian Centered Game Reviews
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    Favourite Film?

    How about we recommend films to each other? Or more specifically we could all answer this; What's your favourite film and why? What makes the film the best, what do the critics have to say, what about screenshots and links to trailers? ---- I recommend Léon (1994). A professional...
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    Valentines Day

    I have the picture to sum up all our romantic aspirations: :angel11:
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    Valentines Day

    If I were in love I'd fall for this evil corporate ploy to make us spend money on our partners, however I'm not in love and don't have a partner :sad10: ...So I'm immune :angel3:
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    The Jesus Video

    *Shiver*, yes.. that is of me. And the X-rated version is going to have to be TheFlyingEnglishman's solo work, nothing to do with me :???: Anyway, you want to be watching this, not videos of me being handed a thong;
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    The Jesus Video

    Yay :mrgreen: ! Thankyou. I'll give it a few months on YouTube to see if it gets popular first; if it does and/or I have the time, there'll be a sequel.
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    The Jesus Video

    It has been several weeks in the making, but me and my friend have made a stop-motion video involving a plastic figurine of Jesus who travels the World and vanquishes Batman. Please take a look, give it a rating and/or a comment and pass it on!
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    Merry Christmas

    I'm sorry, but I believe Christmas has been cancelled this year. However, if somehow it goes ahead, I wish you all a very merry one indeed :angel9:
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    Is it Me Getting Old or Has the Magic Gone From Christmas?

    Everything loses its' novelty after a certain amount of times. Commercialization of christmas also ruins it now, I think. I like it stupidly mild, I'd prefer not to freeze my bum off all winter.
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    5 Things you CAN live without

    What do you call all the other music I listen to? :sex: