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  1. Dhassell

    London to Gravesend via HS1.

    Hi, I am looking to travel between London and Gravesend on a saturday in the near future. I wouldn't mind taking a ride on HS1, but as I will already have a London Zone 1-6 Travelcard, I was wondering if it would be valid to get a Boundary Zone 6 to Gravesend ticket, as well as an Off-Peak HS1...
  2. Dhassell

    The Heart of Wales Wanderer Railtour, 97301 + 97302, 66238

    Pathfinder Tours, The Heart of Wales Wanderer, 66238, 97301 + 97302, Newport Station, 18-3-17
  3. Dhassell

    Crosville Motor Services - Weston-Super-Mare Cutting Routes

    Quoted from Weston Mercury Seems like another case of local bus firm being knocked down by a big private firm! Quite a shock for me! The 103 was always a busy route! I can understand why the route 107 has to go, It was a clear copy of first 7 route!
  4. Dhassell

    Travelcards on Stansted Express

    Earlier today I was trying to find out if travel cards are valid on Stansted Express services between London Liverpool Street and Tottenham Hale. After contacting Stansted Express they seem to think they are not valid but they are perfectly within Z16 so why wouldn't they be? Would anyone be...
  5. Dhassell

    Torbay Express Query

    Hi, Im trying to find some information on the Torbay express which failed along the River Teign Estuary back in either 04,05, 06 and 07 not sure which year. Ive checked SixBellsJunction and can't find any info on the train in question, If anyone was on-board or knows anymore information on...
  6. Dhassell

    DH Trip Reports

    Recently I have been reading some other trip reports and have enjoyed reading them! So I have decided to do some myself! :D Here we go then My first one! :P The Midland Mover 23rd January 2016 An easy start to the day after a quick drive to the station and after picking up the Returns to New...
  7. Dhassell

    Laira to Bristol Temple Meads empty stock moves 12/12/15

    5Z61 and 5C06 doing a return trip to Bristol booked as a HST. Anyone know why?
  8. Dhassell

    Dhassell Flickr

    5034 Earl Of Mount Edgecumbe Nottingham 5.12.2015 by DSH Trains, on Flickr D9009 / 55009 Alycidon Derby R.T.C 5.12.2015 by DSH Trains, on Flickr# 153355 Being Dispatched @ Nottingham 5.12.2015 by DSH Trains, on Flickr
  9. Dhassell

    Is it Possible to See loughborough's Brush Works?

    Question in the Title! Is it possible to see anything from the outside at loughborough works, By Foot Preferably!
  10. Dhassell

    21/11 1306 Leicester to Nottingham Anyone know what this is meant to be?
  11. Dhassell

    Trivia: Busiest Scotrail Stations?

    as the Title says! What are some of the busiest Stations apart from Glasgow and Edin?
  12. Dhassell

    1340 Swindon Transfer to Swindon Transfer Electrification Train Run

    RTT Link: Hello all! Does anyone know what headcode this ran under today?
  13. Dhassell

    Bescot - Exeter MPV

    Hello! Anyone able to tell me the headcode and MPV Number of this, this afternoon?
  14. Dhassell

    Great Western/FGW Timetables From 2004-7

    Hi! Looking for The Old Great Western Franchise don't know what it was called (When the HST's where green) Looking for the Timetables these trains ran.... Its a long story for why i wanna look at them
  15. Dhassell

    NMT Crewe - Derby R.T.C Via London Euston

    Does anyone know what Headcode this ran under?
  16. Dhassell

    Name of Line Between Westbury and Southampton Central!

    Title says it all basically! Does anyone know what the Line is called between Westbury and Southampton if it has route name, ie, Great Western Mainline.