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  1. Alekseys

    Favourite Film?

    How about we recommend films to each other? Or more specifically we could all answer this; What's your favourite film and why? What makes the film the best, what do the critics have to say, what about screenshots and links to trailers? ---- I recommend Léon (1994). A professional...
  2. Alekseys

    The Jesus Video

    It has been several weeks in the making, but me and my friend have made a stop-motion video involving a plastic figurine of Jesus who travels the World and vanquishes Batman. Please take a look, give it a rating and/or a comment and pass it on!
  3. Alekseys

    Music Quiz

    The idea's simple: I ask a music-related question, and the person who answers it then asks a music-related question of their own! Question: Who originally wrote the song famously covered by UB40 named 'Red Red Wine'?