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    Competition 646 :: Loco Hauled

    Loco hauled passenger or freight trains, by steam, diesel or electric locos ?
  2. K9-70

    What are your wheels?

    No cages for me, just a motorcycle. A 1997 Suzuki GSX750F motorcycle, reg new in 2000, with over 105,000 miles on the engine and still going strong.
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    Builders plate lot number

    Emu: Class 317/2 Set No.: 317 349 Livery: NSE (Network Southeast) Type: DTSO (driving trailer second open) Coach No's: 77220 to 77239 Diagram: EE225 Built: York Date: 1985-86
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    TfGM Photography Permit

    Yes, I agree with what you are saying, but sometimes you have to look at the wider situation and access, Is it worth the hassle ? The other factor you have to think about is. The member of staff or perhaps Joe Public dosen't like his photo being taken, so grabs your camera and breaks it...
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    TfGM Photography Permit

    If your camera menu has a setting to show next photo after the one you've taken, then change it to that setting and here's what you should do. Take two or three photos of the said subject, then turn around and take two or more photos of "anything you like." When approached by the member...
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    Competition 622 (Under the bridge) :: Voting

    If you right click your photo, the date and time the photo was made was on the 15/05/2011 @ 15:34pm. Translink's train times rarely change, so checking it against the 2012 time-table, I was able to work out what service the train was working. On the left of the photo, (out of view) you have...
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    Competition 622 (Under the bridge) :: Voting

    It's not as it looks. It's two seperate tunnels with the Blackstaff Rd/Donegall Rd crossing above at roughly 45 degree angle. Ivo was standing on the footbridge looking towards Central Junction, that leads to Great Victoria Street station. The train in the photo is the 14:57pm Bangor to...
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    Competition 614 :: Built by Siemens

    I just tried to upload a photo to the compo and nope, the problem doesn't appear to have been fixed. I got the message below instead. Critical error Destination directory albums/userpics/17764/ is not writable by the script!
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    Competition 614 :: Built by Siemens

    Four times I tried to enter this compo, four times I got the message below. So, what's the problem ? Critical error Destination directory albums/userpics/17764/ is not writable by the script!
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    NIR rename Bridge End station Titanic Quarter today

    Downshire Park: Opened 01.04.1925, not sure when the NIR renamed the station as plain Downshire. Sometime in the late 80's or early 90's I think.
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    NIR rename Bridge End station Titanic Quarter today

    Ballymacarrett Halt: Opened 01.05.1905 Closed 09.05.1977 Greenisland: Opened as Carrickfergus Junction, renamed Greenisland 01.10.1893
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    NIR Class 201

    Neil, AFAIK; the nameplates River Foyle were presented to NIR, but were never fitted for some reason or another. 209 never carried the name "River Foyle" on the cabside.
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    Selling advice.

    The HMRC on warpath - eBayers beware
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    CIE Sulzer B113 & NIR Hunslet 102 Transfer to Cultra Musuem

    Best image of the collection.!i=1681026475&k=nfWXCxt
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    bachmann class 37

    Turn your Class 37 upside down. Take a pair of long nose pliers, and at the rear end of the NEM pocket where the broken snow plough prongs protude, squeeze them together and ease them forward at the same time. If it fails the first time, just keep trying. When the prongs can be pushed no...
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    New layout

    The Hornby Class 20 is the old Lima tooling. I have a Hornby Class 20 body fitted to a Lima chassis without any problems. K9-70
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    Competition 542 (Just a blur) :: Voting

    Thanks for those that voted for my photo, TBH I didn't expect to win. A good standard of entries entered and I thought 14 or 21 would have won it hands down.
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    Sprinter preservation?

    If I'm not mistaken, the Class 153 came about to speed up the withdrawl of the ageing 1st generation Dmu's used on the Welsh Valley Lines and other lightly used lines. At least that's what was reported in the railway magazines of the day
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    NI Thumpers

    It's more likely that the MRSI don't have the resources or don't want to incur the cost of having to hire a low loader to transport them to their chosen destination, wherever that may be. Sorry, no photos of the 80's being transported through the streets of Belfast on their way to be...
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    Modelzone rip off

    But, is it not the case that the customer is always right. The shop in question was wrong to promote the set at a lower price, but still should have honoured the price shown on display.