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    Derailment in the Bromsgrove area (24/03/2020)

    While there was an exemption for children to move between households when the parents were separated and had joint custody, there was no general childcare exemption. So if grandparents or other relatives normally helped out with childcare, then according to the letter of the regulations, that...
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    Most pointless journey for which a fare is available

    There isn't a specific fare for that journey - it is just offering a generic single to Zones 1-2, which could be used to travel to St Pancras, but is also valid for many more useful journeys.
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    Overspeed at Dauntsey, 12 August 2020.

    The problem is then you have to base everything around the train with the worst braking performance. So if you base it on freight braking, then passenger trains will be delayed unnecessarily by slowing down too early.
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    TFW Pension

    While you can retire at 60 if you want to (or at 55) your pension will be reduced. The default retirement age is now 62.
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    Differences in style/leadership/etc between the RMT and ASLEF

    Maybe it varies at different TOCs but our DFC reps were elected by one member one vote, same as the local reps.
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    Failed WAFV (vigilance test) will I need to redo all the ones I passed next time?

    My understanding is that all the "computer" tests are considered as one test, so if you fail any part of it you will have to resit them all again. However you won't have to redo any of the paper tests such as the Group Bourdon.
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    Class 710 LO

    The ELL can't access P17, so presumably the idea is for the ELL to use both P1+2, and some of the NLL trains to move over to P17. However that causes it's own problems, trying to fit in the terminating NLL trains around the through Southern services.
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    Map of Hourly Service Patterns

    Just to confuse things, some services are asymmetrical. For example trains run from Dalmuir to Larkhall via Singer, as shown on the map, but then the return from Larkhall runs to Milngavie. Admittedly that would be very difficult to show clearly on a map, and the overall frequency at each...
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    How do benefits and pensions work when changing company?

    By default, the old and new pension will remain separate. You can request a quote from RPMI to merge them and then the value of your old pension will become additional years in your new pension. Sometimes it may seem as if you are "losing" years when you get the transfer quote, particularly if...
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    While some sports have 3rd place playoffs, many don't. For example, there are no playoffs in tennis (apart from at the Olympics). In football there is only a playoff at the World Cup. The problem is that in such matches, the players concerned often don't really care about the match and they tend...
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    Driving with contact lenses only

    You are not allowed to solely use contact lenses. You must have a pair of glasses with you at all times as a backup. If for some reason you can only meet the vision standards with contact lenses, then I think you would fail the medical.
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    Longest serving driver?

    I think it only seems like that because you only hear about the people who die shortly after leaving. You don't hear about the people who live into their 90s, because by the time they eventually do die, they are no longer in contact with anyone at their old place of work.
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    Queen St. Station destinations terminus.

    For an interview, they are not expecting you to memorise the timetable. Obviously being able to show some general knowledge of the network is an advantage but there is no need to take it too far.
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    Longest serving driver?

    If you count the total number of shifts worked, there must be quite a few drivers who have worked the equivalent of 50+ years!
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    Longest serving driver?

    No-one can be kicked out at 62. The EJRA only applies once you reach state pension age (currently 66 and increasing), rather than the default railway pension age of 62 (60 for protected staff).
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    Longest serving driver?

    I'm fairly sure there are lot more drivers retiring earlier than the default age, than there are carrying on into their 70s, so it all evens out on average.
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    Oh No A Pensions Question ( GWR )

    Originally it would have been final basic salary, but as mentioned above it is a bit more complicated than that now.
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    Oh No A Pensions Question ( GWR )

    No, you divide the salary by 60. So if you had 40 years service you would end up with a pension of 2/3 of your final salary.
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    Spirit of Scotland travelpass priv

    Incorrect, in NFM36 PRV Spirit of Scotland rovers are available for £37.25 (4 in 8) or £47.25 (8 in 15). No reason to think they won't return when the ticket goes generally back on sale.
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    Job move whilst uncertainty

    I'd be reluctant to move to any of the open-access companies in the current climate, as they are the most vulnerable to a drop in traffic.