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  1. Mojo

    Life after the end of "lockdown" 2.0

    The problem is though, in this case, in hindsight it was clearly bad advice as it was fairly obvious that the epidemic was far more widespread than Italy and China in early March!
  2. Mojo

    Guess the Station...

    That’s a Network South East design and also appears at many stations they did comprehensive work on (it still appears at most of the Great Western & Chiltern stations that were part of Total Route Modernisation).
  3. Mojo

    Station association

    Coleshill Parkway is another station managed by a Toc that doesn’t operate any passenger trains to or from the station.
  4. Mojo

    Life after the end of "lockdown" 2.0

    I do wonder how much of the current problems fall down to bad advice being given by the NHS early on in this. My partner went to Belgium early March with a work trip and three staff members came back with what we now accept are many of the Covid symptoms. I can’t speak for everyone else but he...
  5. Mojo

    LHR suspends free travel zone

    Not very useful at the moment as Terminal 4 is closed and as are the railway/Underground stations, but you can walk to Terminal 4 almost entirely via official footpaths. A colleague of mine lives in Stanwell and used to walk to Terminal 4 to catch the Piccadilly line. Terminal 5 is closer and...
  6. Mojo

    Could we see a return to "essential travel only" messaging?

    And indeed well after the first lockdown. I remember seeing one of these signs on the A40 in early June on my way back from a garden centre...
  7. Mojo

    Could we see a return to "essential travel only" messaging?

    Just been out making a journey to buy something and almost all of the variable message signs on the motorway that weren’t providing incident information were displaying the message STAY HOME ESSENTIAL TRAVEL ONLY The smaller signs with only two lines were not including the STAY HOME part of...
  8. Mojo

    Lockdown in England from Thursday 5 November until Wednesday 2 December

    Very good :lol: I note a message from Ikea's in the week announcing that they will be selling their famous Christmas trees this year but only if you pre-order on the website because of regulatory reasons (obviously this was before the regulations you mention were published).
  9. Mojo

    Increasing requests to complete surveys for purchases and services

    I was most surprised to fill in a survey for Waitrose a few months ago to receive a personalised reply from the shop manager a few hours later. Was quite good though as I was somewhat brusque in some of my comments as I don't usually expect textual responses to be read let alone responded to...
  10. Mojo

    Science Museum Group Cut Backs

    Nowadays it tends to be a bit more "secure" with many councils providing smart cards to people that offer various discounts / freebies.
  11. Mojo

    Science Museum Group Cut Backs

    I would agree with that. It's also not uncommon overseas to provide free admission for people who live in the country, and there are also some local museums/attractions in the UK that provide free admission to people who live in the council area.
  12. Mojo

    Taxation discussion

    You are in a very small minority of people who has no expenses in travelling to work! The people who lose out are not those who are working from home - it tends to be the lowest paid and those that have no choice in where they can work. Effectively they are subsidising the lifestyle of people...
  13. Mojo

    How dangerous is the third rail?

    My initial training involved having to cross live rails during traffic hours, to calm any nerves of the delegates the trainer put his foot on the current rail with his other on the ground to "prove" that it was safe because of the insulation afforded by the company-issue shoes. I've seen people...
  14. Mojo

    Is the sunflower lanyard scheme being abused?

    Ipswich Buses are still a municipal operator as far as I’m aware, which means they, as an organisation wholly owned by the local authority, will be subject to the Freedom Of Information Act and would, I presume, have been perhaps a bit more au fait with equality legislation. Does anyone know if...
  15. Mojo

    Derailment in the Bromsgrove area (24/03/2020)

    Not sure about on the Mainline, but every LU driver (officially) books on face-to-face.
  16. Mojo

    Taxation discussion

    That isn’t what it is. I would firstly remove the £6 a week added to your tax code (which in the instance of this year only requires someone to have worked from home for one day to claim for the entire tax year). I know it’s supposed to reflect the additional costs for people working from home...
  17. Mojo

    Taxation discussion

    That may be the case, it is however saving you time, and you must surely accept that your case is in the minority - for the majority of office workers will either be shelling out for at least one of work clothes, lunch out (even if only ad-hoc) and/or transport. Let's not forget that public...
  18. Mojo

    Taxation discussion

    Back to the original topic at hand; I'm wondering if anyone has any thoughts on the tax relief available for those working at home. This has been given significant publicity this year for obvious reasons and has been increased as of the start of this tax year. Additionally, some companies have...
  19. Mojo

    Life after the end of "lockdown" 2.0

    It isn't correct though - East Coast continued to receive payrises throughout despite being state run between 2009 and February 2015. Many operational grades in Network Rail too. London Underground staff were included in the same. The public sector as in public sector pay only includes those...
  20. Mojo

    Life after the end of "lockdown" 2.0

    You're right - it doesn't apply to TfL / London Underground and nor would it apply to any state run Tocs. Much of the early 2010s the public sector was subject to a "pay freeze" (in reality this only applied to the salaries themselves as in many professions such as teaching, junior staff move...