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  1. plarailfan

    Loud stretches of track - past or present

    I can remember back in the early 1980's, going from Stockport to Crewe, usually on a summer Saturday, on the class 304 ? EMU's. Somewhere in the open countryside around the, Jodrell bank area, the roar used to be deafening. I wondered what it would be like, to be standing lineside, on a public...
  2. plarailfan

    Transpennine Route Upgrade and Electrification updates, CP6

    While I was at the event at the football stadium in Huddersfield yesterday, I mentioned the HS3 line and it was explained to me, that it is unclear at the present time, which route HS3 will take, or if HS3 will be constructed and so the Huddersfield to Westtown project, etc, is going ahead...
  3. plarailfan

    Transpennine Route Upgrade and Electrification updates, CP6

    I went along to the Network Rail event, at the Huddersfield stadium this afternoon. They were proposing having a temporary, single platform at Hillhouse, either on the main line, or perhaps, located on a siding - they are not sure at this stage. The Huddersfield - Wakefield route, will dive...
  4. plarailfan

    Why didn't South Yorkshire PTE have a train livery?

    There's a close-up here
  5. plarailfan

    Trains where they shouldn't have been / weren't route cleared

    In the 1980's, one of the Trans-Pennine loco hauled trains, mistakenly accepted a signal, whilst approaching Huddersfield and ended up in one of the, short, north facing, 5/6 bay platforms. The train eventually had to be reversed out onto the viaduct to gain the correct route !
  6. Rokuhan, Japanese Z gauge, ready to run shorty layout

    Rokuhan, Japanese Z gauge, ready to run shorty layout

    With the COVID-19 virus problems adding extra financial pressures at work this year (2020) I deemed it prudent, to downsize and move into a smaller home . Space for model railway activities, are now, quite limited and so, I've purchased one of these, rather fun, Japanese "shorty" Z gauge layouts.
  7. plarailfan

    Bus seat fabric cover material / moquette

    Many thanks for your help everyone. That was really good ! I've got sorted now. or more precisely, I have and I haven't as I ended up on a diversion ! I got in touch with Camira and the "District Line" moquette, that I enquired about, is specially made to order for a minimum quantity. The...
  8. plarailfan

    Bus seat fabric cover material / moquette

    I would like to get hold of some bus seat fabric moquette of the style used on District line trains in London, also, Leyland Titan and MCW Metrobuses, etc. We had Leyland Atlanteans and Olympians here in the West Yorkshire PTE fleet back in the 1980's, so this particular moquette style...
  9. plarailfan

    The future of train driving

    There will be train drivers for many years to come. Even HS2 will have train drivers and that has not even been built yet, so I wouldn't worry about driverless trains in the UK. There's a few driverless trains in London, but it will be decades before anything large scale happens, as there are...
  10. plarailfan

    Huddersfield to Westtown (Dewsbury) - Public Consultation

    Oh, that's a pity, but many thanks anyway, you saved me a wasted journey.
  11. plarailfan

    Huddersfield to Westtown (Dewsbury) - Public Consultation

    There's another round of consultation sessions. I'm hoping to call in, to see what the plans are on Saturday
  12. plarailfan

    Br Gas Turbine No. 18000

    This is a historic relic from the Great Western Rly. One end of the solebar, above the bogie, has been made wide at some point and I suspect the modified part of the loco might prove to be a problem in moving it away from Didcot to another home as it will be "out of gauge" which is a shame...
  13. plarailfan

    How long did the BR Blue & Grey livery last for?

    The blue and grey livery lasted for around about thirty years, but I would say, it's heyday, was only around ten years, from about 1970 to 1980, as before 1970 there was still a bit of maroon coaching stock and after, or maybe around 1980, the Advanced passenger train (APT) livery started coming...
  14. plarailfan

    Was privatisation supposed to bring competition?

    I remember when the rail freight companies were originally set up, Transrail, Load haul, etc, Railfreight Distribution (RFD) said they had been given all the worn out and life expired class 47 loco's. As a result of this, they regularly hired in 56's and 37's from other sectors, which presumably...
  15. plarailfan

    How did you know when freight trains were due before RealTime Trains?

    In the 1980's, I worked at Huddersfield station and we had an STN - special traffic notice, which was a paper booklet, issued on a weekly basis. Typical entries would include such things as railtour timings and events such as this class 56 test run in 1976...
  16. plarailfan

    Future preservation of modern trains

    Eventually, there will probably be far more rail vehicles in preservation, than there is siding space to store them all ! I think it will become like bus preservation, where many of the preserved vehicles are not on display at heritage sites, or in museums. Their owners will keep them at their...
  17. plarailfan

    Exhibiting layouts at model railway shows.

    I've been building exhibition layouts for around forty years. My first one was twenty foot by six foot, but that was back in the days when there were lots of local enthusiasts to help set up and dismantle the layout at the venue. During the last decade, or so, the hobby has changed a lot in many...
  18. plarailfan

    Shapps to reverse Beeching cuts

    The trouble is, railway schemes and projects quickly add up to costing £ billions. The Skipton to Colne route has been put forward for re-opening for at least twenty years, without anything physical actually happening on the ground. All the money for railways seems to be going on HS2, Crossrail...
  19. plarailfan

    Train Truckers on Yesterday

    I haven't seen any of these programmes yet, but I would guess the 66 must have been one of the Euro 66's that have been coming through Hull. They were given temporary numbers, such as 66 999 and moved by rail, to Longport, for overhaul. Like Peter on post #12, I've wondered why they haven't been...
  20. plarailfan

    Dart / Dart SLF versus B6 / B6LE

    Thinking back to 2000/2001, I worked at Yorkshire Travel in Dewsbury and we had a few, M and N reg, Volvo B6's, with the Alexander Dash bodies. These were pretty reliable, but one thing I remember well, was that there were some upright metal struts at the rear of the engine bay and they were...