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  1. Tommynody

    Tyne Valley Line Photographic Locations

    There are a few spots that I know of and all of them are west of Haydon Bridge. The first is actually at Haydon Bridge Station where you will see: 142, 156, 60, 66, and rarely: 43, 37, 20, 47, 57, and steam tours. All of these can be seen all a long the TVL. The next one along is just...
  2. Tommynody

    Tyne Valley Line

    Has anyone else seen what NR has been doing. It has destroyed Low Row signal box and took their wonderful semephore signals:cry:. I have some photos before they were took down.
  3. Tommynody

    New Forum

    Hi I Have started a new forum but because I have nobody else on ith me it will be closed:-(:sad2: so I plee for you too join. It stil needs some work doing. First 3 people to sign up are moderators...
  4. Tommynody

    DRS open day and Train

    Hi did anyone go to the DRS open day as I did and who went on the train they ran or went to the trackside to see Eddy The Engine,another class 66,47501 and some MK3's as Iwas one of the lucky few to go on it.
  5. Tommynody

    New Loco

    Hello.Can anyone give me the software so I can make new locos or reskin them.this is for MSTS:cry:
  6. Tommynody

    DRS traction.

    Whats your view of all the DRS traction. Mines the class 47.:o
  7. Tommynody

    Tyne Valley Tours

    Hello again,tommynody here,what would you say if regular steam tours come back too the TVR behind the K1 62005:-):D:lol:
  8. Tommynody

    N Gauge Layout

    Can Enyone Give Me Any Surgetions On Where To Do A 1950's Steam Layout.:?::?:All Idea's Will Be Apreatiated(bad speller).Thanks.:!:
  9. Tommynody

    Shap Summit.

    What Are Your Views! I think that seeing Duchess Of Sutherland Storming Up Is A Really Great Sight.:-D
  10. Tommynody

    NYMR:Your thoughts.

    What are your thoughts on the NYMR --- old post above --- --- new post below --- I think the NYMR is Brill. Lots Of Stuff to do and see.
  11. Tommynody

    Has Anyone Got Info On This Msts Addon

    Who has any info on the London Midland and Scotish addon by BATS: Has it got cabviews Sound Good Graphics:???: