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    TfW to operate Class 37s on the Rhymney Line

    I thought the change in disabled access laws prevented Mark 2s from being used on passenger services (because of the lack of disabled toilet facilities) from the 19th May?
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    Great Yarmouth Drags

    Yep, except this year it's DRS Spoons and not Cotswold Rail.
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    Favourite Station

    Barmouth, just the atmosphere of the area, great scenery, a good place for a walk, and I like walking. Otherwise its London Marylebone or Ribblehead.
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    How do you trainspot

    I'm my opinion trainspotting is not the same as being a Rail Enthusiast. Trainspotter's main purpose is to cop numbers, a rail enthusiast's main purpose is to get a photo. I prefer the photography.
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    Fotopic Problems

    I find it odd that everyone is setting up new sites dispite there being no conclusive evidence to confirm that fotopic has kicked the bucket, I very much believe that simply their servers are down. Personally, if I can't have a fotopic website then I don't really want one at all, fotopic is...
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    unfriendly stations

    All terminus stations, they are the worst for letting enthusiasts take photos. Interestingly, I heard that staff on the terminus side of London Bridge don't like you taking photos, but on the other side where Charing Cross/Cannon Street trains go are fine with it! The only station I ever go...
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    Is there any real future for Electric Locos?

    Not sure that's the reason... AFAIK the demise of the 92s is due the the amount of volts the locos drain from the overheads, which can, under certain circumstances, cause the OHLE to short. They are restricted from some routes because of this. I'm open to correction though.
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    Manningtree Station

    Well there is 5 freights booked through Manningtree during that period, whether they will run is another story, considering it is the 1st of Jan.
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    Name: Lee Scott Age: 18 Lives: Enfield, Middlesex, London Interests: Railways, Digital Photography & Computing Favourite classes: (In order from most favoured) 37s, 25s, 20s, 31s, 40s, 47s... Hated classes: (In order from most hated) 390s, 220s/221s, Peaks... Favourite locos and units, plus why...
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    Competition 247 :: Voting

    And I'm quite surprised mine came third. :D
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    Finepix S9500 Problem

    I have same problem with my S9500, it is definitely condensation as it nearly always occurs after it has rained or when bringing the camera from a cold place to a warm place. A quick look at the instruction manual and you will notice that it tells you not to bring the camera from a hot climate...
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    Massive Website Update Nov and Dec 08 Photographs

    They are much better than some the stuff I've seen...:|
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    Thought This Might Raise A Laugh...

    He bought it in Carnforth condition, nice and clean: :wink:
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    Arriva Class 121 bubble car

    There was a post on a forum about it saying it had been taken out of service in April, I saw it was the 17th April, so obviously it was after this date. IIRC I found out it was stored on the 21st April. However images on fotopic suggest it came back to work in or before October. EDIT: Of course...
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    Just out of interest...

    Rather than say my favourite I will list my top 3: 1. North Norfolk Railway 2. Llangollen Railway 3. Gloucestershire Warwickshire Railway
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    What's your favourite diesel shunter?

    Class 08 for best looking Class 14 for best thrash
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    Longest time without sleep?

    32 hours, probably more
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    Train Nicknames...

    390 - Dildos 66 - American ****e 47s - Spooooooooon Well thats what I call them anyway...
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    Competition 246 :: Voting

    14, beautiful.
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    Competition 243 :: Voting

    First time I've got no votes for my own entry... :(