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  1. Mojo

    Other Rail & Transport section changes

    Following a recent staff meeting, as well as a number of user comments, we have decided to trial changes to the 'Other Rail & Transport' Section. The 'Other Public Transport' Forum will be renamed to 'Light Rail, Metro & Trams,' and here we will encourage discussion of light rail, Tram and...
  2. Mojo

    Ballast for model railway

    My better half is building a model railway in our garden studio. He has painted the baseboard grey but wants some ballast. We’ve been looking at the local shops and also on eBay but the prices seem extortionate for what is effectively crushed up stones. We’ve got some horticultural grit in...
  3. Mojo

    15 years of RailUK Forums

    Today it is 15 years since RailUK launched in its current form, on the 6th June 2005. In that time we have seen over 4 Million posts, which is more than double the number of posts since I last posted a message like this to celebrate our 10 year anniversary in 2015! Whilst the past few months...
  4. Mojo

    Under 25s most likely to be impacted economically

    More reports again this morning that the young are being the hardest hit by the Covid-19 economic shutdown, despite at the same time being the group that is least likely to suffer any substantial medical hardship from the pandemic. This comes as...
  5. Mojo

    E-scooters could be legalised and extra funding for cycling

    Not sure if this is better in another forum or even an existing thread in this forum, but today’s Times reports that the legalisation of e-scooters may be rushed through as part of government plans to avoid traffic chaos as and when the economy gets going again but social distancing puts...
  6. Mojo

    Does/should shielding apply to the whole household?

    Would appreciate some thoughts with regard to the subject line. My Mother received a letter the other week to advise that due to pre-existing health reasons, she should be shielding at home for at least twelve weeks. My Father took this letter to his employer to ask what to do and they said...
  7. Mojo

    Forum upgrade complete

    Thanks to all members for their patience earlier today whilst we have been updating the forum. At the present time we are still working to finalise the software but wanted to go live as soon as possible to allow members to resume posting and reviewing posts. Accordingly, if you notice anything...
  8. Mojo

    March 2020's budget discussion

    This thread is for general discussion about the budget delivered today by the Chancellor, to avoid off topic discussion in the existing railway threads. For railway discussion see this thread:
  9. Mojo

    New forum roles

    We are pleased to announce that following a recent review into how the forum operates we will be making some additions to our moderating team. Regular members will be aware that for the past few years we have had forum Quizmasters and Senior Fares Advisors who have enhanced moderating powers in...
  10. Mojo

    Paddington barriers on platform 6/7

    Does anyone know what is the purpose of the temporary retractable “Tensabarriers” between platform 6 and platform 7 (the Heathrow Express platform) at Paddington station is? The barriers seem to stretch from underneath the footbridge to the front cab of Heathrow Express units and is guarded by...
  11. Mojo

    New routes from Teesside Airport

    A real coup for the Conservative mayor for Tees Valley, a year after it was partially renationalised and more recently renamed back to Teesside Airport. Six new routes within the British Isles to commence over the next few months: Cardiff – Monday 10 February Belfast – Monday 9 March Dublin –...
  12. Mojo

    Heritage attraction shops - donations

    Having a clear out and have come across a few VHS tapes, mostly drivers eye view but also a few other railway publications. Most normal charity shops don’t take video tapes anymore but does anyone know if Heritage railways or other attractions accept these as donations for their shops and...
  13. Mojo

    W SUP OPK DAY S - Greater Anglia

    Does anyone know if this ticket can be purchased from TVMs or ticket offices? Was planning to travel on Greater Anglia from Cambridge to London today and to my surprise both Chiltern and Transpennine websites don’t offer this ticket, only the more expensive Any Permitted. It can however be...
  14. Mojo

    Forum rules survey

    Long-standing members may remember the forum rules consultation which we carried out in 2012. As part of this, our forum rules were completely re-written in order to reduce the number of rules and provide greater clarity for members. The forum staff team have met and proposed a few minor...
  15. Mojo

    Forum staffing

    A quick update regarding the Forum Staff to let you all know that as of today IanXC has resigned from his position as a Moderator. He will continue to be on the Forum and hopes to still regularly feature at Forum Meals and Meets. IanXC has been a member of Forum Staff since the end of 2012 and...
  16. Mojo

    Privacy Policy

    Introduction This privacy policy sets out how RailUK Forums uses and protects any information that you give RailUK Forums when you use this website. RailUK Forums is committed to ensuring that your privacy is protected. Should we ask you to provide certain information by which you can be...
  17. Mojo

    Yanny or Laurel

    Which one do you hear? Having found what is cited to be the original source ( I can still only hear "Yanny!"
  18. Mojo


    Hope everyone is okay!
  19. Mojo

    Service disruption threads

    Having reviewed recent threads discussing disruption on the railway we would request that members do not post threads relating to fatalities and other incidents (such as broken down trains or signalling faults) on the railway unless they require advice on their alternative travel options or if...
  20. Mojo

    Mileage Competition 2018

    Mileage between 1st January 2018 and 31st December 2018 (incl.) only. Travel for leisure or commuting purposes only. Mileage covered on all railways counts towards your total, including heritage lines, foreign mileage, trams, light rail and LU - providing you can find accurate mileage data. You...