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  1. westcoaster

    Wembley stadium bump and earth fault

    Heard a unit went through the buffers and derailed , inside the Wembley stadium turn back siding 168+165 involved. Leading bogie still derailed. Screenshot shows just a 4 car in it now.
  2. westcoaster

    GTR TL Doc Mobile Bedford Cauldwell

    Thameslink advertising for Doc mobiles at Bedford Cauldwell Is basically shunter drivers, who also do mainline shunts to bedford and all bedford sidings, plus they operate the cauldwell...
  3. westcoaster

    EMT and poor disruption running

    So this morning at around 0730 a person was sadly hit by a train near Leicester. The line reopened after a few hours. I've just gone to get a train to work at 1600, to find out although trains are running and on time EMT are not calling at Bedford or luton/Luton airport parkway due to service...
  4. westcoaster

    Island Line Vandalised - Level of damage?

    Does anyone know the extent of vandalism damage caused over night, it said inline the signal box and trains. Service was suspended for a while.
  5. westcoaster

    EMT hst move Cricklewood to Kings Cross

    There was a hst move today 3D10 0930 cricklewood depot to kings cross Seems to then operate 1D11 to Leeds. Is this being leant to VTEC for a round trip in it’s booked down time. Or on loan due to shortages.
  6. westcoaster

    Go-ahead and arriva Luton shared yard

    I've noticed Arriva have started to use go-aheads yard near Luton airport parkway, in the last few weeks there has been a few alx 400's parked in their, now a few displaced green line van hools have now joined them. Go-ahead use the yard for rail replacement coaches and the allocated bendy...
  7. westcoaster

    Crisp with no flavour added

    Hi I'm after a bit of advise regarding a recent purchase. I brought a box of 30 flavoured crisps ( my favourite but hard to find) of eBay. They arrived and immediately opened a pack, to my surprise there was no flavouring on them. So I opened a second pack and again they were plain, i went...
  8. westcoaster

    New coach service to luton airport

    While arriving into luton town today i noticed a dark red coach parked up by luton town station labbled the luton flyer. Looks like a new twice daily service to bracknell via slough. An odd choice of service but they must see some demand it...
  9. westcoaster

    SE 376's at Blackfriars today

    Pleasantly surprised to see a pair of 376's at Blackfriars this morning, must be the first time in 5/6 years that I have seen them there. Thought they never strayed from Charing Cross and Cannon Street services.
  10. westcoaster

    Stagecoach (United counties) short of Gold Busses

    Does anyone know if they are short of gold veichles, a couple of observations over the last few days include on the, X4 shorts an R reg Olympian, an S reg & 04 tridents, an 08 reg E400, plus a 55 reg solo. X46/47 an 04 reg trident, and an 08 reg E400. Also seen what must be the spare...
  11. westcoaster

    MML disruption 20/8

    Apparently a broken down freight train between Bedford and Wellingborough has blocked the northbound line all day, trains having to use the line via wymington. Anyone know why it's taken all day (until close of service) to move it. Seems odd.
  12. westcoaster

    Derailment in Kent between Ashford and Canterbury (26/07)

    Hearing there has been a derailment between Wye and Chilham, front carriage is derailed and at an angle.
  13. westcoaster

    Metroline 714 Barnet to Luton

    Was surprised to see a Metroline bus parked up at Luton interchange the other day, turns out it's a new service Using 08 reg enviro 200's.
  14. westcoaster

    313121 Thameslink testing

    313121 made its first run onto thameslink metals today with a test run from Willesden to London Blackfriars and back. This is the first of many planned, so keep your eyes peeled...
  15. westcoaster

    Trivia: Longest possible loop of the country?

    As per the tittle what is the longest possible loop of the country possible, what I mean by that is the longest journey possible starting and finishing at point A ( point A must be the same point to start and finish), you can go where ever as long as you do not use the same line twice, using the...
  16. westcoaster

    FCC (will be GTR Thameslink) via Clapham junction

    A 319 went via clapham junction today with staff and bods on to guage training requirements for upcoming diversions. Also rare lines in passenger service Loughborough junction to Brixton junction. elephant and castle to East...
  17. westcoaster

    Arriva double decker in wellingborough

    Yesterday i passed an arriva double dwcker on the A510 it was heading into finedon road industrial estate, it had branding on it. Think it was an 06 reg and eclipse body. 3 drivers up front, only bus type places on the estate are Van Hool coaches and a scania dealership ( truck east) , i thought...
  18. westcoaster

    59003 coming home (UK bound)

    GBRF have just said that 59003 is homeward bound coming back through the tunnel around the 6th of September, anyone got any further info.
  19. westcoaster

    319010 new thameslink livery

    Anyone able to confirm if 319010 is now in the new livery the same as worn by the 365 on the GN. Ive seen pictures but not sure if they are photoshoped.
  20. westcoaster

    Stadler or lack of

    I've often wondered about the lack of choice in the UK market place, you have the big few producers Siemens, bombardier,GM etal, but why is there a lack of competition from smaller train makers such as stadler. Is it due down to production time and slots or just no experience in the UK market place.