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    RealTimeTrains website

    You'd think it would be trivial, but the matching is done using the "expected time" data which is passed when an event occurs. There are lots of reasons the expected time in the event might not match the published timetable - a variation or short-term plan wasn't sent to the public feed for...
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    Lothian Group discussion (Lothian City, Lothian Country Bus and East Coast Buses)

    I'd say I've only ever hit the daily cap once. I rarely get the bus more than one place in a day, and even more rarely can't get a direct bus.
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    ‘Digital Signalling’ to be introduced on the ECML

    1.2 million is an amazingly small amount of money in digital signalling terms. Less even than might lead you to assume that a minister's mate fancied a go at setting up a signalling company. It really doesn't merit a ministerial press release.
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    Edinburgh Tram developments

    So on the basis that there's a particular density of line on a map, you reward people far from town for their custom on the buses by taking them stand in the cold and change onto a tram halfway through the journey, make everybody closer to town walk further to a tram stop, and basically...
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    Edinburgh Tram developments

    I tend to agree. I can't remember where the stops are proposed to be, but the most likely situation for me would be an extra 5 minutes walk uphill to get to a tram compared with the bus, and then a less regular service to more limited locations. I'm struggling to really see the upsides if you're...
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    Edinburgh Tram developments

    Personally I think they'd be better off running them along Waverley bridge, up the mound and past the uni instead, but irrespective of that they are obviously doing structural integrity work on North Bridge at the moment, and South bridge is not exactly a delicate construction. I would guess...
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    Great Western Electrification Progress

    They stretch down to the Brickyard Sidings iirc, which are used for reversals
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    Our total reliance on a vaccine and putting life on hold until it's rolled out

    From the article it appears that hospital trusts are being asked to prepare to respond quickly in the event that a vaccine does become available. It would be sensible to do that if there was even a 1 in 100 chance of a vaccine being available. More worrying is that the vaccine is a complex two...
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    Have you had the virus?

    Yes, it's easy to understand that they are reporting on the 6 cases quoted globally, most of which have already been quoted on the thread. If we're going to bring in unsourced chatter from rural Transylvania about global events we'll be here til Christmas
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    Draconian measures

    I'm sure there's a heart of gold down there somewhere. Sometimes it's just very very deeply hidden
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    Our total reliance on a vaccine and putting life on hold until it's rolled out

    It was interesting to read the quote attributed to Linda Bauld in another thread. Bauld is in the same department as Devi Shridhar, and has largely followed the same line as her in the press to date, but the quote was almost openly abusive. I think it's possible she's been told *a lot* by...
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    5x Class 153 conversion to bike and baggage vans for Scotrail

    No question that both ends of the 153 will couple to the external ends of the 156s. I was just speculating on whether the internal couplings on the 156s are the same as the external ones.
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    5x Class 153 conversion to bike and baggage vans for Scotrail

    Will that even couple together?
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    New Scottish COVID-19 Restrictions 07/10/2020

    Also the polis will probably be having a bit of a do at the station, and won't want to be disturbed for anything so petty
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    England's new three-tier lockdown system

    The law drafters are probably working 12 hour shifts several days in a row every time gold command (or whatever Commander Hancock is calling his silly meeting) emits a rubbish new idea. Stuff like "substantial" is being invented on the hoof by politicians in interviews, and then a bunch of...
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    Wales to enter "circuit break" lockdown from Friday 23 October to Monday 9 November

    I've found Amazon a lot worse since March. Prime delivery is next to useless, customer service is awful, they've less reliably got stuff in stock. I've largely given up buying things altogether if I can't get them on my Sainsbury's delivery. The trouble is that lockdown itself is a response to...
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    England's new three-tier lockdown system

    9 euros for a pasty and chips? I'd want Jenrick to sort out my planning problems over dinner for that kind of money
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    the most over the top restrictions introduced

    I think he's half-right
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    Great Western Electrification Progress

    It does sound a tiny bit like a quibble. I think the budget for the recontrol/resignalling at Oxford was at least as much as the entire budget for the Cotswold line improvements. Even if twice the budget had been available, I think the people who were promised a nice upgrade to their line would...
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    England's new three-tier lockdown system

    This whole being on a beach thing doesn't appear to have caused any particular spread, and doesn't deserve the opprobrium that was heaped on it at the time. Personally I have no issues at all with you travelling out of your high-tier level to engage in an inherently much more risky indoor...