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  1. mralexn

    Rail fares to rise by an average of 2.6%

    I've just seen this on BBC News that rail fares will rise an average of 2.6% I wonder how this will go about enticing the public back to rail. It is interesting though that next year the higher fares will not come into force until March. Below is the article from BBC News "Rail fares...
  2. mralexn

    How much money is the railway losing during the pandemic.

    I am just curious as to roughly how much money the railway as a whole (or region) is losing at the moment. This comes off the back of an announcement the other day that TFL need £1.8 Billion just to survive until March. I also remember a few months ago a document was released somewhere with how...
  3. mralexn

    Discussion about free banking.

    Mods note - separated from this thread. Coming back to the cashless society that keeps on being talked about. I'm more for freedom of choice. After all, the easier you make it for people to buy things the...
  4. mralexn

    Is 0520 - Plymouth to Edinburgh XC service formed of 4 or 5 coaches?

    Hello there, I am looking at catching the 05:20 service from Plymouth to Edinburgh on Wednesday 11th October. All I am wondering is if anyone knows if the voyager that usually forms this service is a 4 or 5 car service, or is it simply luck of the draw. The reason I'm hoping for a 5 car...
  5. mralexn

    East Coast Website Problems

    Is anyone else having problems with the East Coast website? For me this is what is happening, I go to load the page and everything loads up fine apart form the box where you fill in your travel information to book tickets. I have tried it on 2 different computers in and in 3 different...
  6. mralexn

    Railway Suicide, Is it becoming more of an issue?

    Basically, as it says above, It seems more and more people are turing to the railway in a desperate plea to end their lives. Is it just me or does there seem to be a lot more incidents like this recently? I recall just over the last 48 hours there have been 4 attempts in the Great Western...
  7. mralexn

    Emergency Engineering works at Taunton?

    The up sleeper 1A40 is showing as Cancelled at Taunton and I would presume is going to run via Yeovil, This train will no longer call at Taunton. This is due to emergency engineering works. Additional Information: Customers travelling to / from Taunton, Replacement road transport will...
  8. mralexn

    Roof works at Penzance Station

    Does anybody know what exactly is currently going on with the roof works at Penzance station. It just seems like all work has been abandoned and the scaffolding has just been left there and forgotten about. Literally I have not seen any changes in well over 4 months now. Was it not supposed to...
  9. mralexn

    TOC Loyalty Reward Schemes

    So, I would like to basically make a thread about all of the different TOC loyalty reward schemes that are out there. As far as I am aware the best one is the East Coast Rewards system, when you buy tickets through their own website. You can then exchange those points for free travel with...
  10. mralexn

    First Great Western On Board Wifi

    Is there any news or updates regarding First Great Western getting Wi-Fi on their HST sets? It just seems a no brainer that they should have installed it years ago, considering the route they serve.
  11. mralexn

    1555 Birmingham Moor St-Marylebone

    is the 1555 Birmingham Moor St-Marylebone still a class 67 + Mk3 stock?
  12. mralexn

    How do you get trains to work on more routes? Railworks 2013

    I have railworks 3 and have also bought the Class 67 advance along with other things, My question is in a "free roam" scenario, Is there anyway to get these / more trains to appear in the editor list ? (I hope that makes sense!) For example, On the Brighton Mail line route, On "Quick...
  13. mralexn

    ALL STOPS Scenario for London To Brighton Route

    Does anyone know of a ALL STOPS Scenario for London To Brighton Route ? I've been looking around but not been able to find anything (: As the title suggests I would like to find a scenario that will leave from Brighton And call ALL stops to Victoria or Visa Versa (:
  14. mralexn

    Wires Down between Carlisle & Lockerbie

    From NRE Overhead wire problems are causing disruption between Lockerbie and Carstairs. Because of this, journeys between Carlisle and Edinburgh / Glasgow Central may be delayed by up to 2 hours. There is no current estimate for when a normal service will resume. Thursday 11 October It...
  15. mralexn

    Best and Worst barriered Stations

    So In your opinion what is the best and the worst barriered stations, in terms of Design - Coping with Passenger flow Staff Friendliness (Knowledge of tickets not just "if it doesn't open it is not valid") Do the barriers work well, or always reject perfectly valid tickets? and...
  16. mralexn

    East Coast First Class rewards,

    Could someone please tell me if this journey is available for First class on east coast rewards, for the 0.00 price, Also, Is there a way i can "find out" without having to spend 720points? 1200 Kings Cross - Inverness (Thursday 4th oct) 0755 Inverness - Kings Cross (monday 15th oct)
  17. mralexn

    East Coast Website Problems

    Is anyone having problems using the East Coast website? It keeps crashing and failing to load random pages or when i go to buy a ticket, I have tried it both in Google Chrome and Safari but it still just seems very buggy.
  18. mralexn

    Edinburgh Waverley

    I have not been to this station since march, And I am wondering has much changed? Or is it still a total mess I will be going there again in October, Can I expect any change between now and then?
  19. mralexn

    Caledonian Sleeper Cancelled

    I noticed that 1M16 has just been cancelled after being held in Edinburgh for around 3 hours does anybody have any more information as to whats going on?, as the only information that I can find is that it is due to a "train fault" also what will happen to the Pax? I would imagine they...
  20. mralexn

    Chieftain Crew Resting Period Question

    How long do the Newcastle Crew that work The Highland Chieftain have to "rest" between shifts Inverness? I heard that it is 9 Hours?