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  1. Huntergreed

    When will restrictions finally end?

    It’s clear that, with this new strain, we are going to be living under even tougher restrictions for many months to come yet. With much uncertainty, it’s often difficult to see a way out from the never-ending, ever-changing rules and laws which restrict our freedoms so severely. With over...
  2. Huntergreed

    Newark Northgate - Tube Map?

    I’m currently on a down LNER to Edinburgh and we stopped at Newark northgate around an hour ago. I noticed when departing that there’s a fairly large poster with a tube map on it at the station. Does anyone know why this is there, given the station is well over 100 miles from London? It seems a...
  3. Huntergreed

    Scotrail staff sitting near cabs

    I’ve noticed recently that whenever I’ve travelled on Scotrail recently, there is normally a staff member sitting near each cab. On a 6 coach train, this can mean 4 staff members sitting at different cabs. It seems a bit odd that this is happening but it is happening consistently (particularly...
  4. Huntergreed

    Should we go back into lockdown at this point?

    There’s been a huge increase in the media and government talking about the prospect of a “second lockdown” lately. I know two local authorities who have told all their schools to get all assessments done ASAP for a second lockdown in October, and it’s beginning to look like we may be going...
  5. Huntergreed

    Railway “Seat Guru”

    Not sure if anyone is familiar with this, but I came across the site “seat guru” when researching seats for a flight recently. It’s essentially a far more detailed seating plan than is available on the airline website for as many aircraft in as many configurations as possible. Main features...
  6. Huntergreed

    S-Stock door lights

    I’ve noticed whilst observing and riding on S-Stock in London over the past week, as well as there being a yellow light to indicate door release, there’s also a white light which lights up above the yellow one on certain trains. Can anyone clarify what it’s for and what purpose it serves?
  7. Huntergreed

    80x differences

    Can someone please explain to me the differences (as in physical/functional differences) between all the different 80x classes? How is an 800 different from an 801/802, how will the 805/7 compare to the 800/801/802, will the 810 be the same as or different to an 800/801/802? Are there...
  8. Huntergreed

    Eurostar to stop calling at Ebbsfleet and Ashford Intl until 2022

    Just read this article: Yet another victim of lockdown restrictions/quarantine killing the transport industry. Is this likely to become permanent or will this likely be reversed after its reviewed in 2 years?
  9. Huntergreed

    TSR Crawford - Abington on WCML

    I’ve noticed the last 3 times I’ve taken a trip on the northern WCML between Carlisle and Scotland, we have slowed down considerably more than usual on the section between Elvanfoot and Abington, where you cross over Crawford Viaduct. Does anyone know if there’s a reason for this? This only...
  10. Huntergreed

    TPE Class 397 Cab

    Does anyone have (or know where to find) any photos of the cab of class 397? Curious to see what it's like and I'm struggling to find a photo anywhere!
  11. Huntergreed

    Scotland - Are we attempting the impossible?

    In Scotland, it’s clear that Sturgeon and her government have their minds set on eliminating the virus and genuinely believe this is the correct approach to take, however I have multiple concerns with the approach being taken here: Given that England is not following an elimination approach, I...
  12. Huntergreed

    Coach Lettering in the UK

    I was just thinking about the way in which trains are laid out in the UK and it got me thinking, why is the lettering of coaches on a train rarely/never actually alphabetical? There are often letters missed out or inexplicable gaps in the lettering and I cannot think of a valid reason why this...
  13. Huntergreed

    London Trip Planning

    Hi folks Was thinking of planning a trip to London in the next month and was wondering if I could have some help/advice on the following pointers: I'm concerned about the potential for a local lockdown to prevent me from being able to visit London or get my money back from advance train ticket...
  14. Huntergreed

    Reopening Of Schools

    With Scottish schools reopening next week and English schools following shortly after, what level of restrictions do you believe should be required in schools? There are some people on Twitter campaigning that distancing and masks should be mandatory and that returning children should be...
  15. Huntergreed

    Local Lockdown in Aberdeen

    Nicola Sturgeon just announced a local lockdown in Aberdeen due to an outbreak in a pub which is now resulting in community transmission. Restrictions include: People are advised to not travel for further than 5 miles for non-essential reasons All indoor and outdoor hospitality (pubs, cafes...
  16. Huntergreed

    Is this it for the next year?

    So, is this really how life is going to be for the next year or so. Chris Whitty seems insistent that we can't open much more, we may even have to close things back down if we want to reopen schools. Is this life for the next year or do you believe that we can and should be making a bigger...
  17. Huntergreed

    COVID announcements from "key workers" in stations

    At this point, it's false advertising, negligent management, and low-key discrimination into leading people into thinking that they can only travel if they have cars. It's not acceptable. Some of my local buses today were still 'essential travel only' and were pumping the 'key workers' line...
  18. Huntergreed

    Boris Johnson: “I don’t want a second lockdown”

    From the BBC this morning: (Source: Good to see that the Prime Minister isn’t keen on a second lockdown and realises the damage that the first one has caused to the economy, education, livelihoods and mental wellbeing. Slightly less reassuring is that...
  19. Huntergreed

    Avanti West Coast - Super Voyager Refurbishment

    Avanti West Coast has now begun refurbishing their Super Voyager fleet for their last few years in service on the WCML with 221101 now at Ilford undergoing its refurbishment. Some photos from the AWC website of the new interior: Standard Class - This looks much nicer and much smarter than the...
  20. Huntergreed

    Holiday Guidance

    I’m slightly confused by the guidance and where we stand on the issue of holidays (both domestic and international). I’m well aware that we are, according to the guidance, technically allowed to go on holiday, but there are many things I’ve been wondering about which are putting me off making...