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  1. Oswyntail

    To Vienna and back!

    I have just booked our next jaunt, by rail to Vienna. Eurostar to Paris; Paris to Zurich; Zurich to Vienna; Vienna to Frankfurt; Frankfurt to Brussels; Brussels to London. As it is something of a celebration trip, we are indulging in First Class (OK Standard Premium on Euro). So, my question is...
  2. Oswyntail

    Another level crossing incident So the driver ignores the box markings and gets held by the barrier on the crossing. So far, so "Yawn". But then, to move away, he reverses back onto the track where, so far as he knows, a...
  3. Oswyntail

    Windows 10 and laptop screen of death

    Techie help needed! We have a Dell Inspiron laptop, that we upgraded from Windows 7 to 10. It worked fine for a month or so, then, after a forced upgrade, it has stopped. Turn on, Windows flash screen with whirling dots, then.......a totally blank screen Googling any combination of the...
  4. Oswyntail

    Suspicious packages.

    Passing through Leeds station on New Year's Eve at 18:30, I spotted what, to me, was a suspicious package. It was a pale grey laptop case that was propped up against the bottom of a set of railings (by Platform 2). I cannot imagine why anyone would actually leave such an object in such a place...
  5. Oswyntail

    Leaflets at Leeds - "Keep our railways safe"

    Mrs O tells me that leaflets were being handed out at Leeds today with this headline. Of course she neglected to take one :roll:. Is there a general campaign, or a specific Leeds issue? Anyone know anything? Thanks
  6. Oswyntail


    Travelling to Sicily in a couple of weeks, and planning to get around by rail. Is there a site that has timetables, and advance bookings? Any experiences or hints?
  7. Oswyntail

    Cumbrian coast from Ilkley

    Mrs O and I fancy a day trip midweek up the Cumbrian Coast, via Carnforth to Carlisle, then back via Settle. There doesn't seem to be any one ranger type ticket that covers this, so presumably the best option depends on routing availability. Any advice?
  8. Oswyntail

    BBC overseas texts? Which station?

    This is the image being used to top the BBC Cricket World Cup text alert page. The background looks fairly overseas to me. Any ideas
  9. Oswyntail

    Class 172

    On an overnight visit to Brum, I spent 14:00 - 15:30 yesterday, and 07:30 - 08:30 (roughly) sitting at Tyseley. Between those two fairly short sessions, I managed to see all the 172/2 and 172/3 series units (as well as a remarkable mount of other stuff). They were all on service duties. This, to...
  10. Oswyntail

    Manchester United

    My wife and son are travelling to Manchester United tomorrow, hoping to use a train to the match-day station. They have tickets to Manchester Stations - will they need an extra fare, or is the halt covered?
  11. Oswyntail

    Overhanging train

    Mrs O is currently sat on a train on Platform 3 at Leeds station, already 15 minutes late, and the driver has just announced it cannot depart because there is another train overhanging the end of platform 4 by two coaches. This sounds to me like a somewhat embarrassing cock-up, and I wondered...
  12. Oswyntail

    Mr Turner

    In the film "Mr Turner" (well worth a visit, though not Leigh's best) there is a scene where he watches an early steam locomotive thundering along and is inspired to paint "Rain Steam and Speed". I realise it was not the actual subject of the painting (nor was it claimed to be), but which...
  13. Oswyntail

    Apperley Junction

    Tonight there was more disruption on the Aire Valley lines out towards Skipton from Leeds. This was variously described as "signalling problems" or "points failures". Who knows, who cares? But it does seem to me that this location - Apperley Junction - is particularly prone to outages for...
  14. Oswyntail

    Thameslink and IEP - Statement from Margaret Hodge

    Margaret Hodge, Charman of the Public Accounts Committee, has issued the following statement: It is good to hear about the possible refinancing of...
  15. Oswyntail

    Funding cuts hit station access for disabled travellers Is this the complete story?
  16. Oswyntail

    Athens and other sites

    Going to Athens later this year, and looking for any hints and tips. Flying out, then coming back after 8 nights. I see there is a 7-day ticket available on the local train and bus. Anyone know how far out this will take us? Also wanting to get to Edpidaurus and Mycenae. I know there are some...
  17. Oswyntail

    Campaign for imaginative names

    I see from another thread that Class 68 are to be graced with the tired old string of ship names. Couldn't anyone think of anything better? The railways are not part of the armed forces, yet there is this tradition of naming these poor locomotives after obscure regiments or ships. There have...
  18. Oswyntail

    Industrial action in the North Any thoughts on what this is about? And how confident are we that there will be no disruption?
  19. Oswyntail

    Doorstep Hawkers

    I have just had yet another visit from a doorstep hawker. Youngish lads regularly come round, trying to sell kitchen products at inflated prices - and I have a vast stock of them:oops:. They claim to have been bussed in either from Middlesbrough, Doncaster, or Lincoln, and to be either...
  20. Oswyntail

    An approach to the North?

    An interesting piece by Evan Davies on the BBC website It asks which is, or should be, Britain's second city, and introduces statistics about the relative sizes of cities, and their productivity, in other countries, suggesting not that London is too...