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    XC Golden Valley diverts

    With CrossCountry diverting via the Golden Valley this weekend and calling additionally at Swindon. Is it ok to do a break of journey at Swindon on this occasion please?
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    Virgin Trains Advance (+connections) fares revision

    Apologies if this has already been mentioned but does anyone know if Virgin Trains (West Coast) have made some revisions to their west midlands fares priced advance fares? I normally can purchase their lowest priced advance ticket from Birmingham to anywhere else beyond Euston for £14.50. For...
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    Kings Lynn Super Off Peak Travelcard

    Any assistance would be greatly appreciated please. Kings Lynn super off peak travelcard with a network railcard is £21.05. Are you allowed to use this ticket from a London station as your origin station? Also does it allow break of journey along the Great Northern route? Many thanks in advance.
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    No Service Northern Tyne/Tees - 1st January 2017

    Afternoon all, Is this the norm on new years day up in the North East not to run a local service? There seems to be very little information available - whether they are running buses on the branch lines or nothing at all. I thought maybe there are historic reasons why Northern don't run on...
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    Refurbed GWR 158

    Morning, I have seen pics of a refurbed GWR c158 running around. Anyone know which diagrams it will be likely to be working Wed to Friday next week please? Sorry, I know its probably a hard question to answer.
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    Super Off Peak Travelcard with SWT from Windsor

    Afternoon folks, Sadly I am quite rusty on my restrictions these days ( they seem to be forever changing) so any advice would be fanastic please. Any restrictions on a super off peak travelcard when travelling on SWT? I presume (..perhaps I shouldn't) there is only a morning...
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    Advance tickets originating on the Cross city line

    Is anyone else having problems with purchasing advance tickets on the cross city line then connecting into VT services? Seems to be some major issue. LM seem to have no information of this problem. Any information would be very much appreciated.
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    Skegness Summer HSTs

    Any idea if EMT are still planning on running the HST to Skegness this summer? Any idea of diagrams and dates yet please?
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    HST Corby diagrams?

    Morning, are there any booked HST diagrams on the Corby route at all please?
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    Exploring NI Railways

    Any advice on rover/ranger tickets available on NI Railways please? I cant seem to find anything on the Translink website or after google searches. Any suggestions on the best fares to cover the maximum area across Northern Ireland would be greatly welcomed. Many thanks in advance
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    Birmingham - Northampton Ticket Help

    Any help on this one please - SVR LM only BHM - NMP is £20. But there is a Super Off Peak Rtn BHM-MKC for £14. As the majority of LM services call at NMP am I safe to assume the super off peak is valid for exit at Northampton please?
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    Purchasing one day Travelcards online

    Is it possible to purchase travelcards stand alone without any other ticket? I seem to be struggling. Any help would be most welcome - thank you in advance.
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    Network Railcard

    Just a quick question - can you purchase a network railcard with an advanced date? i.e a week before you want to use it. Cheers in advance
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    Southern Daysave ticket Help

    Can anyone tell me what I need to select on the mixing deck in order to bring these tickets up please? Thank you in advance.
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    SE Weekender Ticket

    Can anyone please provide me with further details about this ticket? There doesn't seem to be much info online regarding this and I don't live in SE land.
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    Southern - Gatwick Tickets Easement?

    How does Southern stand on advance tickets with regard to delayed flights from Gatwick Airport - do they have an easement like other ToCs pls?
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    Virgin Trains Birmingham - Edinburgh

    Anyone know which diagrams on this route are booked as a Pendolino please?
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    Banbury Ticket Barriers?

    Any idea when these are due to be installed?
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    York to Birmingham Routeings

    Any chance anyone could give me the several routing ways an any permitted York to Birmingham ticket is valid please? Thanks in advance.
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    FGW New Ticket Barriers?

    Any developments of when barriers will be operational at Didcot Parkway, Newbury, Gloucester etc as I see jobs are currently being advertised.