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    Trivia: Stations where a platform has been built on the actual site of a ex running line (e.g. fom previous rationalisation/singling)

    Stourbridge Town, where the current platform is on the site of the old goods line. Dudley Port has both a platform on the site of former running lines AND running lines on the site of former platforms. The current platforms 2 and 3 at Birmingham Snow Hill are where the former platform lines...
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    Least popular journeys made between two stations served by a direct train? Based on tickets sold?

    Oh, I'm not saying it was easy (or that I'd be able to do it now I'm older!), but it did happen.
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    Least popular journeys made between two stations served by a direct train? Based on tickets sold?

    I once missed a train at Moor Street and managed to catch it at Snow Hill by running across town.
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    Railway 'islands': areas accessible by public roads but only by level crossings.

    I've played there several times - there's a foot crossing near the south end of the western chord and you have to park up outside the triangle and carry all your kit across to the changing rooms. Then cross again to get to and from the clubhouse for the tea break.
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    Transport Select Committee 24 June - Including plans to centralise control of Railways

    It sounds like a recipe for bargain basement, no frills train services to me. Why would operators bother making the passenger experience any better if they're not going to see any financial returns from doing so?
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    Trivia: Stations which merit name linkage to another place

    The rename was because those two councils put up the funds for the station's rebuild. I for one think it's a renaming that has had it's day, and the station should go back to being Oldbury.
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    Trivia: Place names that you're not sure how to pronounce

    None of the above - it's Mull-vn
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    Trivia: Stations which merit name linkage to another place

    Not strictly speaking a town, but I've often thought that Rowley Regis should have "Blackheath" appended given that (a) that's where it actually is and (b) Blackheath is far and away the more significant local district.
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    Trivia: Place names that you're not sure how to pronounce

    The pronunciation of Alvechurch on automated announcements irritates me. They always say Al-ver-church, but it should be Alf-church.
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    Which station is named after the longest road?

    The Chester Road in north Birmingham is a shade over 13 miles long, including a brief stint as Brownhills High Street and two (!) different stints as Chester Road North. Chester Road station is about 2 1/2 miles from the southern end.
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    New build locos

    Definitely, but it's very unlikely to happen. She was too big for most preserved lines and too slow for mainline work. This would be excellent to see, but would hardly ever have a chance to run due to its low speed.
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    New build locos

    Big Bertha or one of the LMS Garratts would be my vote.
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    New stations - Willenhall and Darlaston (between Wolverhampton and Bescot Stadium)

    It's considerably easier to achieve, given that it only requires two new stations. Camp Hill requires three or four new stations, a new platform at Moor Street and an entirely new connection into Moor Street over land the railway doesn't own.
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    Nuneaton-Coventry tickets

    I'm sure I remember being told by Coventry station staff that I could go to Nuneaton via Rugby if I wanted. That would have been a good while ago though, and things may have changed.
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    Where to see Class 20s at preserved railways?

    I was on the SVR yesterday and there were four 20s parked outside the diesel depot - two in green and two in blue. Didn't get numbers, but I presume the two green ones are the residents.
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    A plea to train companies to SCRAP 'weekend first' upgrade deals

    Yes, everybody should be able to travel without such annoyances regardless of the class on their ticket. But so long as TOCs keep refusing to police it in standard class, I'm going to keep buying first class tickets in order to escape. Which means I'm going to get a tad miffed if doing so...
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    Trivia: Multiple stations visible at the same time

    This makes me wonder how we're defining "see". Because technically you can see every station in the country at the same time from the International Space Station (depending on cloud cover, of course!). To get more down to earth, you can see both Birmingham New Street and Birmingham Moor...
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    Trivia: Stations with platforms that are used by trains in both directions.

    Both platforms at Water Orton have services in both directions.
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    Getting to Romney, Hythe & Dymchurch by National Rail

    The last time I went I used Sandling, and it was perfectly fine. The walk from there to Hythe RHDR is pretty much all downhill, and took about 20 minutes. Plus, with Sandling being so close to Ashford it's a relatively short journey from/to London. I got a bus back up the hill though!