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  1. jamesontheroad

    Ciclismo: new electronic/ambient album 'Blue & Grey: an incomplete history of British Rail'

    Mark Radcliffe played a track on BBC Radio 6Music this morning from a collection of electronic tracks by the artist 'Ciclismo'. This isn't the first mention on the forum, @lyndhurst25 mentioned it last November on the "now playing" thread. Thought I'd share it again, however, because it's rather...
  2. jamesontheroad

    Finalnd: cabin recommendations for VR sleepers?

    Hello. We are tentatively planning a circular trip around the Gulf of Bothnia next Easter - using the new Norrtåg service from Umeå to Haparanda, then exploring a bit of Kemi and Rovaniemi before heading south to Helsinki on one of the two VR night trains. Spending a few days there before we...
  3. jamesontheroad

    Happy anniversary VR Allego - ten today.

    Juho Hannukainen, the Director of Long-Distance Planning at VR, reminds us in a tweet today that Allegro, the high-speed train between Helsinki and St Petersburg is ten years old today. :cake:
  4. jamesontheroad

    Sweden: Hector Rail will drive for Flixtrain, pull Talbot-referbished carriages

    As per an article on Järnvägar (in Swedish) this week, Flixtrain has announced an agreement with the Swedish operator Hector Rail to drive and staff their new services in Sweden. Having applied for train paths on both the Stockholm-Malmö and Stockholm-Gothenburg corridors, Flixtrain will now...
  5. jamesontheroad

    20% off global InterRail passes: buy before 4 January, travel up to December 2021.

    Apparently, people like to go shopping today. :rolleyes: If, like me, you value travel over material possessions, you might like this sale: twenty per cent off all global InterRail passes. Buy from today 27 November 2020 until 4 January 2021, and start travel "any time in the next 11 months."...
  6. jamesontheroad

    New documentary: Albania's last trains

    Deutsche Welle (DW) has just published a new documentary with an English narration called Albania's Last Trains. It's a rather beautiful and poignant film about the decline of the railway system there. Look out for the famous picture of the HST in the poster at Düres, and the ex-DB Regio rolling...
  7. jamesontheroad

    Helsinki - St Petersburg exhibition marks 150 years

    There’s a fascinating online exhibition - with timeline, articles, archive photos, timetables and brochures - that celebrates the 150th anniversary of the Helsinki - St Petersburg railway. (Were we not in Corona-times, I’d have hoped to make this trip this year) It’s only available in Finnish...
  8. jamesontheroad

    Live stream of the Aurora Botnia launch today 15:00EET 11/9/2020

    The Aurora Botnia, the new ferry which from next year will cross the Bothnian Gulf between Holmsund (Sweden) and Vaasa (Finland) will be launched today at the shipyard in Rauma, Finland. The event is being live-streamed at 13:00BST / 14:00CET / 15:00EET on Vimeo. You can watch live here...
  9. jamesontheroad

    "Grattis på födelsedagen" (happy birthday) to the Swedish X2000

    Thirty years ago today, at 06:33 on Tuesday 4 September 1990, the first public service of SJ (Swedish Railways) X2000 high-speed train left Stockholm Central bound for Gothenburg, where it arrived 3h 34m later. Since I "Brexited" to Sweden last year, I've had the pleasure of making a couple of...
  10. jamesontheroad

    Direct Amsterdam-Rotterdam-London Eurostar services begin 26 October 2020

    Moderators have locked the previous master thread about the Amsterdam Eurostar, but to update the story, the Evening Standard reports today that direct Eurostar services from Amsterdam and Rotterdam to London St Pancras will begin on 26 October. Source...
  11. jamesontheroad

    TGV crew make unscheduled stop to remove anti-masker

    The French news channel LCI reports that on Sunday afternoon a Paris-Nice TGV made an unscheduled stop at Le Creusot TGV station. SNCF staff confronted a man who refused to comply with the law on wearing a mask on public transport. Refusing to put one on, they removed him and deposited him at...
  12. jamesontheroad

    Brightline have terminated their relationship with Virgin Group

    Moderator note: Split from Brightline have terminated their relationship with Virgin Group and will suspend the rebranding of their trains and assets to Virgin livery. The company will trade as Brightline from now on.
  13. jamesontheroad

    No Vy (NSB) night trains Olso-Bergen this summer

    NRK reports that Vy (NSB) will not run any night trains during the summer between Oslo and Bergen. SJ will start their new operating contract in Norway, and run night trains between Oslo and Trondheim from 8 June, but only for weekend traffic on Friday and Sunday nights. SJ's state-supported...
  14. jamesontheroad

    Railroad Development Corporation ends operating agreement with Flixtrain (DE)

    The IRJ is reporting today that BahnTouristikExpress, a subsidiary of Railroad Development Corporation, are ending their operating relationship with Flixtrain. RDC blames Flixtrain for using the COVID-19 conditions for a "fundamental reversal" of the operating structure. Which Flixtrain...
  15. jamesontheroad

    Today/tomorrow: northern Sweden to Norfolk

    Hello / hej to all. I’m starting a new thread to share a new trip that might be of interest to other RF users who like to travel internationally. In a couple of hours I’m starting my latest trip from Umeå in northern Sweden to King’s Lynn in the west of Norfolk. I’ve done variations of this...
  16. jamesontheroad

    Northernmost and southernmost railway stations in the EU

    Doing some idle spinning of Google Earth, Søsterbekk station on the Narvik - Kiruna railway line seems to me to be the northernmost railway station in the EU. Narvik is oft cited as the furthest north you can travel by passenger train in Norway and the EU (after Murmansk, which is in...
  17. jamesontheroad

    Updated - Sweden: Trafikverket proposes Malmö-Brussels & Stockholm-Hamburg night trains, starting by 2022.8.1

    Link: The Swedish Transport Agency, Trafikverket, has today published a preliminary report of...
  18. jamesontheroad

    Is a BahnCard worth it for international trips through Germany?

    Hello all (and happy new year, etc). I expect to make 4-5 international trips through Germany next year, all using DB Sparpreis Europa tickets. Each one is usually around €60. I know that the DB BahnCard doesn't offer much, if any, of a discount on this international tickets, but is there...
  19. jamesontheroad

    Sweden: Snälltåget confirms daily Malmö-Berlin sleeper for summer 2020

    Swedish operator Snälltåget has confirmed the schedule for Malmö-Berlin in 2020. The service goes from thrice-weekly (i.e. using one train) to daily from 22 June - 30 August. There will also be additional departures during the spring and autumn (although I haven't dug into these just yet)...
  20. jamesontheroad

    Situation with Eurostar and DB Sparpreis ticketing to/from London?

    Has there been any further development or resolution to the problem caused by Eurostar's new ticketing system? The last I heard, in the late summer, was that by upgrading their systems (or, cynically, locking out a competitor?) Eurostar were going to prevent DB from selling Sparpreis tickets...