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    Huge Explosion in Beirut Seen a few of the videos, does look like some fireworks are going off near the bottom of the first from the first blast.
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    Northern Class 144 Sightings

    These days I'm going for a 142 and end up on a 144. Seeing as they're both nearly life-expired I thought another Pacer thread appropriate ... Today: 144004 - 18:05 Sheffield to Adwick
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    The Loch Ness Monster theory ...

    I'm sure everyone's been waiting for this: If it doesn't involve several glasses of Whisky and an otter I'm going to be disappointed.
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    Different Station Announcements being made at the Same Time

    I've been in Bristol this week, travelling to Bath and Gloucester, and one of things I've found a bit irritating on Temple Meads has been the different announcements on the station being made at the same time. Not sure if it was the same on the few days beforehand, but yesterday morning on...
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    Cross Country Turnaround, 1S31/1O82, Sheffield 14/11

    Bit of and odd one this morning, I was into Sheffield off the Hull-Sheffield service around 7:10 and was heading to Chesterfield, which having missed the delayed Nottingham train from platform 6 is the Cross Country to Southampton - also from Platform 6. Got onto platform 6 just as it was being...
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    Conisbrough Lineside Fire

    Surprised this wasn't on here, most services out cancelled between Doncaster and Sheffield all day due to vandalism and linesid fire at Conisbrough.
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    MML Disruption Between SHF & CHD 12.07.17

    That was an interesting journey to work this morning, caught the Manchester Airport train at 6:25 as usual from Doncaster. The Leeds-Nottingham train was late due to signalling issues between Barnsley and Sheffield (my workmate was told, he'd come from Wombwell). Nottingham train arrives...
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    Coasts & Peaks Rover, February 2017

    Ongoing this, first day yesterday ... Caught the 05:40 from Doncaster to Stockport, lightly loaded even past Sheffield and just got a bit of a glimpse of the snow from the 185. Changed at Stockport for a 390 down to Crewe, again it was lightly loaded and so I was able to enjoy the journey with...
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    Doncaster-Sheffield (Finningley) Airport Proposed Station Not sure about realigning the ECML though, surely they mean an extension off the Gainsborough line back onto the ECML? (not sure how much green ink, etc ... )
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    Class 90s, Doncaster, July 16th 2016

    Couldn't find anything about this, I was off down to London Village last Saturday and noticed a couple of class 90's parked in the yard on the western side of the ECML (just before the old Royal Mail rail depot). Didn't see them on the way home last night, though could've missed them when...
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    Delays at Doncaster 06/06/16

    Arriving into Doncaster tonight just after 5pm it looked like last Thursday again. Virgin 91 in Platform 4 that was the 16:41 to Leeds and 25 minutes late, plus a Virgin HST on the through line next to it and another one pulling up south of the station, as well as a Grand Central unit in...
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    Whitby April 23rd

    I was in Whitby yesterday, didn't know about the Goth weekend, but managed to get some photo's of NYMR's Goth Express ... :D
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    Doncaster Station 03.10.15

    Didn't know about the steam engine, knew about the Deltic, tried to get a shot of 45231 departing ... also the 90 that hauled the Deltic's train up to Belmont Yard makes an appearance
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    Doncaster, 16/07

    Was in town last night, around 16:30 there was a 37 (green, small yellow front end, D6700?), 31 and possibly 47 parked up on the lines behind platform 8, later in the evening got back to find 26007 down at the south end of the station (poor quality photo attached), presume there's some sort of...
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    Freedom of the North West, March 2015

    Ongoing, but I started yesterday on a 4 in 8 Day Rover; First train of the day was 321903 to Leeds on the 6:29am service, the plan was to rush over to the Manchester train at Leeds and sort out breakfast while waiting for my connection. This did not happen. Incidentally, £22 of the ticket...
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    Class 91 Pantograph Loss 01 Feb 2015

    Oops! Travelling home from Edinburgh on the IE08 09:00 to Kings Cross we passed through Alnmouth and minutes later got the emergency stop. Announcement that trackside detectors had been set off so the driver was checking. A bit later, The Pantograph had fallen off ... but the driver did...
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    Live Music

    As there's a few people with an interest in music as well as trains, I think we need a thread for good gigs. I've been to a load this year, more or less constant between May & September, the highlights from this year: High Llamas - Hebden Bridge - June finally got to see them, what a treat...
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    South Pennine Day Ranger - 27/09/14

    Well, with the Game of Pricks currently taking place at the Racecourse this weekend I thought I'd get the 2nd possible train out of town and go for a wander - getting a few new lines in the process. 5:40am and it's the 185 to Manchester, I think we went down the old line between Mexborough and...
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    West Yorkshire DayRover 13/09/14

    06:15 on a somewhat misty Saturday morning, and I'm at Bentley station waiting for the Leeds train. Nice. It's 322482, probably the last time I'll remember the number of the train but it has the new disabled toilet, the door lock possibly not working - no indication to tell if it is, you pull...
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    North East Rover - Feb 2014

    What is this called then? according to National Rail it's a Freedom of the North East Rover, according to Doncaster station it's just a North East Rover. Anyway, this is ongoing: 08/02/14. Just get into Doncaster in time to avoid the wind suddenly picking up and it starting to rain heavily...