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    EC October diversion

    I've given up arguing about the ticketing, as no-one's listening. I know. It's my job to write the WTT - Well, Freight paths anyway...
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    EC October diversion

    To await a path...
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    EC October diversion

    Correct. But the only reason these sets are stopping is to drop off the 67 and to await a path. We were discussing this in the office and the implication of putting these onto the middle roads at Carlisle - Would it make a difference or not, or if the enthusiasts would pipe up...
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    EC October diversion

    No - Because you've booked on that service, then that revenue will go to East Coast. If you booked on a Northern service, the revenue would go to Northern. I see what I've done here - Slight confusion (My apology). Tyne Valley rovers aren't valid. I was made to buy a full NCL-CAR return at...
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    EC October diversion

    Set Down. Just like the Scotrail sleeper does at Preston. It's not supposed to pick people up or drop them off. All depends what went into TRUST - I'm guessing STP Scotland team at Network Rail put the paths with the stop as a timing point. I understand your skepticism, but technically...
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    EC October diversion

    Try not to get caught out. 67's only run THIS Saturday. It'll be Sundays afterwards. And no, I'm not telling you where I'm getting my shot...
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    The work of a BR translator

    ...And here's me thinking you were on about Translator coaches / wagons. :oops:
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    First win Intercity West Coast franchise

    Less of the animosity, please. If I had put my bit in, it would be void. I had some form of input to one of the bids - But I'm not going to rattle on about my employment for the past few months. Did the public know it was up for grabs? How many passengers knew about the entire system?
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    First win Intercity West Coast franchise

    No - Because I did not know about them. Much like another 140,000 who also didn't know about them either...
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    Dream train design!

    OBB Railjet but with IC70 seats :D
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    First win Intercity West Coast franchise

    DfT followed procedure. The most cash = Franchise. Much like you would on eBay. It does need an overhaul. It's all great offering it to the highest bidder, but what would happen to the services? The staff? Facilities? I don't think they look far enough - and come to think about it, the public...
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    Railways in period dramas

    Who gives a flying F**k? TV Producers don't make shows for enthusiasts, they make it for the mass market. Stop picking holes and ruining it for yourself (and more likely others...)
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    First win Intercity West Coast franchise

    The epetition isn't based on lies. Besides, what have Virgin offered in their bid? I'd actually like to see what you lot would be like, given you were in his situation.
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    Announcing in French?

    Correct - As most of the European TOC's are a member of RailTeam. I believe it is required to do 2 announcements, one either in French or English.
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    Rail freight times?

    There are no 'Free' sites. You could join a Gen group, if you wanted to. <--- This is the Midlands Gen Group. Otherwise you could pay to join Freightmaster, or have a look for one of their books. There are some older copies at preserved railways or...
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    ConHome: Close 30% of rail stations

    Having read the article, it does bother me why these people chase a career in politics, only to complain when they never get elected considering they spurt the most bizarre nonsense...
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    Loud music on trains [RANT]

    If I was in the Quiet coach, then I'd use my earphones. There's nothing stopping me from watching Robot Chicken or American Dad or Eddie Izzard with the volume on in every other coach. I know when something is loud, and what shows include profanity - and I make sure that I don't make it...
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    A market there for exploitation

    Perhaps if this country learned that in order for a 24/7 system, Sunday trading laws can be relaxed? It's only because of the Christian Right that we don't have a fully intergrated service. They might not want to work a Sunday - Sign a waiver with their employer. But I can think of a fair few...
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    "Too many railway workers are paid to do nothing"

    The whole railway system costs a bomb, and it boils down to **** poor management. This was evident under BR, as it is today.
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    Who do you think will win the new Greater Western franchise?

    Surely DB cannot win this, due to the XC Franchise? They'd hold the majority of ways into the South West.