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    Bus companies without websites or published fares information

    I was looking up Whitelaws Buses based in Lanarkshire, no website. Only timetables on Bus, and no fare info. In this day and age, there's no excuse for not having a website. Are there any other bus companies with no website?
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    Unserved coach markets in Scotland?

    Might give it a try next week, probably sooner rather than later. At £7.50 flat price if booked online , it's good value compared to train and citylink. Is there any unserved coach markets in Scotland?
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    Are TPE seat reservations back?

    Using TPE 397 from Glasgow tomorrow and wondering if the seat reservations are back?
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    Building Surveying opportunities

    I have recently graduated from university with a Building Surveying degree. Does anyone know of there is any firms who specialise in railway property or TOC that do in house Building Surveying? I have contacted Network Rail to see if there was scope for work experience, they said they don't do...
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    LNER advance message

    1598638323 Booked an advance for York to Glasgow on 13th of September. The message in the image says the timetable is not finalised. So what are my options if this service does not run?
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    Scottish Citylink

    Thought id start a thread on Citylink. Used website to book a ticket other day , website design is about 15 years old ! Find them a bit conservative even though they have got some new decker coaches.
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    Off peak return , overnight stay and through barrier.

    Last week , i used the return portion of Portsmouth to Glasgow through barrier at Waterloo on the 23rd of Waterloo. It went through barrier fine. The next day i used the same ticket at Euston and the ticket was rejected at the barrier. Overnight stays on return are ok i thought. Does the...
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    Fish & Chip Prices

    moderator note posts #1-#11 originally in this thread I always prefer fish and chips out a chippy.
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    Reserving seat on LNER website

    Trying to purchase Off Peak Glasgow to Portsmouth ticket on LNER Website. Trying to book seat on 0648 Glasgow to London Kings X on July the 20th , It wont allow me to book seat on service, comes up with error code 906 . Ive checked Glasgow to London Kings Cross X only and theres seats...
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    700 Portsmouth to Brighton

    It looks like this route is split. Is it possible to go by bus between the two?
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    Glasgow to Portsmouth off peak return , routes

    Anyone know what are the permitted routes for this ticket?
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    Glasgow to London off peak return

    Just wondering if its possible to break the journey in York outward? Apart from ECML and WCML , what other routes is it valid?
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    Mature student YP railcard issue

    Looking to renew my YP railcard . Techically a student until September but cant get the uni to sign my form as its closed. Went to two ticket offices yesterday to see if they would accelpt just the student card and rest of form. Emailled and DM on twitter NR but no repspone .
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    TPE Advance , Glasgow to Manchester

    I was looking at fares for July and August , no advances showing. Have TPE suspended Advances?
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    Trivia: National Express routes that use mostly A roads

    Anyone know of any NX routes that use mostly A roads . I imagine the West Country services. Any use long sections of single carriageway roads? Any use the A14 and A50 for long lengths?
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    East Kilbride/Barrhead electrifcation updates

    Found this on planning portal. Mentions 8 car EMUS 4X hourly freq. Double tracked
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    Scotrail paper timetables not being printed during Covid 19

    Noticed no paper Scotrail Timetables at Glasgow Central. Before lockdown the ticket office said that remaining paper ones will be put out and thats it. Keep it quiet.
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    Traction on the north WCML in late 90s early 00s

    Mod Note: Posts #1 - #19 originally in this thread Where all the XC services 86 or HST operated? Any 47 haulage?
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    Buying Cheshire Day Ranger at Glasgow Central

    Got a tight connection tomorrow , has anyone had experience of buying English day rangers at Glasgow Central?
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    Henley on Thames and Marlow branch.

    Looking at doing these branches . Marlow branch then the Henley on Thames branch . Then to Reading after . What is the best way to this ticket wise? With Railcard