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    Greater Anglia are recruiting Trainee Drivers

    Gareth43, I have still heard bugger all about it! I would suspect that when (if) I do it will be negative but still I wait. May phone them just to remind them. As for everyone who have passed, well done but as mentioned earlier, please don't fill all the vacancies ! lol
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    Greater Anglia are recruiting Trainee Drivers

    Seems they aren't doing it by depot then. Maybe it is down to when the application forms arrived, sort of first come first served? I hope that isn't the case because I'm pretty sure mine would have been one of the last :oops:
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    Greater Anglia are recruiting Trainee Drivers

    Hi all, I specified Cambridge as my preferred and have not heard anything either way. To be honest I was beginning to think I had failed the paper sift after reading on here that the assesment day was so close, but after then reading there usually is at least a "sorry you havn't been...
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    Northern Rail Recruiting trainee drivers (Blackpool)

    Hi all, I saw this ad on their site and had a go and failed the screening process because I don't live within an hour journey time from the depot. Now while I appreciate that the nature of the job requires this short journey time because of safety the pre-screening wouldn't let me explain...